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Hidden Charms: Enchantment at Aliso Beach

October 29, 2017

We brought vintage jewelry out to play and found sun, surf, and a few of nature's surprises at Aliso Beach.

Hitting the beach is one of our very favorite pastimes. A visit to Aliso Beach was made extra special by a unique blend of friends, a gorgeous sunset, and natural wonders. Our shoot brought together some incredible talent and beautiful jewelry in a spectacular setting. Come along and find out what made this sunset adventure truly exceptional. Read More »

Bohemian Rhapsody: A Journey to Laguna Beach

August 20, 2017

Sun, fun, art, and vintage beauty go hand in hand at scenic Laguna Beach

With Leah Perry behind the camera and Juliette Cecile in front of it, we set out to capture vintage jewelry and a beautiful southern California morning. Come with us to Laguna Beach! Read More »

Aloha Love: A Hawaii-Inspired Wedding

May 15, 2017

Vintage jewelry and dreamy glamour create a Hawaii-inspired wedding spectacular

What could be more romantic than a seaside wedding in the Aloha State? The answer is: not much. That's why we are so excited to share these images with you, featuring vintage jewelry, dreamy florals, creative calligraphy, and captivating couture, all inspired by Hawaii's natural wonders and timeless tropical charms. Working with a team of mega-talented wedding vendors, we were fortunate to capture a Hawaiian wedding fantasy on the beaches of Malibu. This is one editorial that will have every bride dreaming of far-off sands and seaside romance. Join us, won't you?
Read More »

Malibu Dreaming - A Vintage Jewelry Adventure by the Sea

May 13, 2017

A Vintage Jewelry Spectacular at El Matador Beach

It might be hard to believe, but even sun-soaked Southern California feels winter's chill on occasion. Nevertheless, a stiff breeze and cool temperatures were no obstacle as we joined friends in Malibu. Come with us as we recall our sunset shoot on the romantic sands of El Matador Beach. Read More »

A Bride's Guide to Aquamarines the Birthstone for March

March 14, 2017

Art Deco Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Cherished since ancient times, the sparkling aquamarine has long been associated not just with the sea, but with youth, healing, and lifelong happiness. Check out our handy guide to discover why this sen-sea-tional stone might just be the perfect choice for your engagement ring. Read More »

Vintage Style in the High Desert: Joshua Tree

January 20, 2017

Vintage Rings and Coachella Style

Accompanied by model Justine Wheeler, we hit the road in November 2016 to capture the beauty and majesty of Joshua Tree National Park at sunrise. We hope you'll join us as we revisit our time in the high desert, where Coachella-style fashion and vintage rings met gorgeous natural light to create an alluring amalgam you won't find anywhere else. Read More »

Beauty in San Juan Capistrano

December 30, 2016

San Juan Capistrano Gardens

Joined by photographer Royce Rumsey, we paid a visit in November to the historic and beautiful Mission at San Juan Capistrano, as well as the Los Rios Street Historic District. Discover how beautifully vintage jewelry pairs with the romance and legendary past of one of California's earliest missions. Read More »

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