Antique & Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Antique Style Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is a big decision, not only because of the commitment it symbolizes, but because it's a piece of jewelry meant to be worn every day of your beloved's life. It has to be something she'll love and enjoy wearing for decades to come.

Why Buy Vintage or Antique Style Engagement Rings

With so many choices available today, it can be difficult to settle on the one ring to rule them all. If you're currently dealing with that dilemma, allow us to explain why a vintage style engagement ring or an antique style engagement ring may be the best option for you. Learn More »

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Swirling Diamond Engagement Ring

Whimsical scrolls and swirls thread down the shoulders of this unusual vintage style engagement ring. Milgrain texturing lines the diamond-enhanced loop-de-loops in this vintage style ring. Set in 18k white gold, the engagement ring has a round GIA certified 0.46 carat, H color, VS1 clarity diamond. Round full cut diamonds accent the band. This is a new vintage style diamond engagement ring.



Edwardian Antique Style Engagement Ring

With an intriquing ambiance, this antique style engagement ring is as romantic as a full moon rising over Paris's Eiffel Tower. Filigree cut work in a leafy scroll pattern accentuates the 18k white gold band of antique style engagement rings like this one. Two round full cut diamonds flank the centerpiece stone. This GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond weighs 0.75 carats. This Edwardian style engagement ring is from the Topazery Dragonfly Collection.



Dramatic Diamond Engagement Ring

A dramatic design and unusual elegance come together in this diamond engagement ring from the Topazery Collection. A floral and diamond design on the shoulders enhances this 18k white gold antique style engagement ring. In total, seventy-four round brilliant cut diamonds totaling 0.50 carats adorn the band. Eight of these diamonds, four on each side, are arranged in the floral design. The diamond flowers flank a 1.12 carat GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond at the center. This diamond is J in color and has a clarity of SI2. This is a new engagement ring.



Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage style diamond engagement rings like this one are a symbol of your endless love for each other. Cradled in a magnificent 18k white gold filigree mounting is a round brilliant cut diamond. This 0.90 carat GIA certified diamond is G in color and SI1 in clarity with a very good cut grade. This diamond is flanked by two trillion cut diamonds. An additional fourteen round brilliant cut diamonds extend down the shoulders of the elaborately filigreed band. The combined weight of all the diamonds in this engagement ring is 1.31 carats. This is a vintage style (new) engagement ring.



Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A halo of diamonds surrounds a 1.04 carat GIA certified diamond in this romantic vintage style engagement ring from the Topazery Collection. This diamond engagement ring is lovely from all angles starting with the diamond-studded, engraved shank to the curliques on the bottom and sides of the underbezel. A halo of diamonds surrounds a 1.04 carat GIA certified diamond in this romantic engagement ring from the Topazery Collection. This vintage style engagement ring is new.



Sapphire and Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

The romance of a tropical island honeymoon is captured in antique style sapphire engagement rings like this one. A collection of six pear brilliant cut diamonds are petal arranged at the shoulders of the 18k white gold band of this antique style engagement ring. An additional twenty round brilliant cut diamonds highlight them in a chevron array. Set in the middle of all this sparkle is a round blue sapphire. This is a new sapphire engagement ring in the antique style.



Heart and Scroll Motif Diamond Engagement Ring

Two graceful swans bow their heads together in an eternal symbol of unity in this heart and scroll motif diamond engagement ring. The swans' bowed heads create a heart-shaped design in the center of this engagement ring's underbezel. The mounting holds a GIA-certified round brilliant cut diamond. Weighing 1.03 carats, this prong set diamond is G in color and VS2 in clarity. It is flanked by a pair of round full cut diamonds, giving this 18k white gold engagement ring a total diamond weight of 1.25 carats. This is a new diamond engagement ring.



Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A classic mounting creates the perfect setting for a GIA certified 1.26 carat, H color, VS2 clarity Asscher cut diamond in this antique style engagement ring. Asscher cut diamonds are known for their captivating optics and spell-binding beauty. The mesmerizing geometry of the cut draws the eye inward to the depths of the stone. Hand engraving, milgrain trim, and beautiful detailing on the underbezel add the finishing touches to antique style diamond engagement rings like this one. The Edwardian influence is evident in this romantic design, which showcases the Asscher diamond to perfection. This new diamond ring is from the Topazery Dragonfly Collection.



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It Will be Unique

Well, maybe not completely unique. You see, the vintage style engagement rings we sell (and many other rings like this on the market) are modeled after genuine antique rings, so they may have some similar elements, and look very much like their inspirations.

However, vintage style engagement rings will look nothing like the contemporary, mass-produced rings you'll find in chain jewelry stores, so there's little to no chance of your beloved having the same ring as hundreds of other people. This will make them feel all the more special.

It Will be New

Antique rings are gorgeous, and carry a lot of history with them. But not everyone likes to wear items - jewelry or otherwise - that were worn by other people before them. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their personal tastes and preferences. So while a vintage style ring will display the style of an antique ring, it will be brand new, never worn by anyone else.

If this is an important factor for your significant other, then a vintage style engagement ring can be the perfect solution.

It May Cost Less

Let's face it - antique jewelry can be expensive. It's often hand-crafted, and has survived decades, if not centuries, to still be available to enjoy today. The price of antique jewelry takes a lot more than just the metal, gemstones and design into account. Provenance can sometimes influence price. Was the ring previously owned by a member of European royalty? You can bet the price will go up.

A vintage style engagement ring, on the other hand, has all the beauty of an original, antique ring, but none of the history, which can translate to a lower price. Make no mistake, the lower price doesn't mean lower quality, just that it's a new piece that doesn't boast any kind of famous origin.

Before you discount an antique ring, consider a vintage style engagement ring. You may find it offers much more than just beauty.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings and Jewelry from the Topazery Collection

Topazery vintage includes four jewelry collections. Classic, traditional, sometimes whimsical. Worn often, and treasured always. Our vintage style rings and jewelry honor the important moments in your life.

Want to Be Her Superhero? A Vintage Style Engagement Ring is the Way to Go!

Vintage style engagement rings have a lot going for them. They radiate the old-world charm of yesteryear, yet are often priced significantly lower than the antique and vintage rings they emulate. And you probably never thought buying your future wife an engagement ring could bestow you with superpowers, did you? Choose a vintage-inspired engagement ring, and you just might need tights and a cape, too!

Speed - When you ask the love of your life to marry you with a vintage style ring, chances are, there'll be no hesitation. You can bet she'll say yes faster than Superman can fly around Earth.

Strength - Okay, so maybe you won't magically transform into a muscle-bound hulk. But you'll feel like you can lift a mountain when the beautiful ring you propose with results in a resounding "Yes!"

X-ray Vision - Vintage style engagement rings have the uncanny ability to make a woman feel as though the man she's about to marry knows her inside and out. When you ask for her hand with the type of ring she's always wanted, you'll be showing her that you see deep into her very soul.

Invisibility - A vintage-inspired engagement ring won't make you invisible to the woman you love. Quite the contrary. What it will do is make all other men invisible to her. Once you slip that ring onto her finger, she'll only have eyes for you.

Power - The Green Lantern gets his power from a ring, but that's not what we're talking about here. A vintage style engagement ring will imbue your beloved with the power of confidence, which she'll feel every time she wears it.

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