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Antique Art Deco Engagement Ring

A floral and filigree design softens the angular edges of this antique engagement ring's Goshenite gemstone. The lack of color in this beryl gemstone creates a mesmerizing display. Rectangular cut, the gemstone's angularity is delicately cushioned by the floral and filigree mounting that surrounds it. The back of this antique engagement ring's band is polished to a high sheen. Details: Antique. Art Deco. Circa 1930. 14k white gold. Rectangular scissors cut Goshenite (a colorless aquamarine); 2.60 carats.



Antique Engagement Ring by Traub

Geometric angles, soft edges, and orange blossom accents come together in this enchanting antique engagement ring by Traub. An old mine cut diamond is set in a hexagonal starbust. This diamond steals the show amidst a six-pointed star that is set inside a hexagon. The band of this engagement ring is carved with flowers and leaves. Details: Antique. Circa 1920. 18k white gold. Old mine cut diamond; 0.29 carats.



Aquamarine and Diamond Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Set East-West across the finger, this vintage style engagement ring's aquamarine is a visual stunner. The gemstone is trimmed in mille grain and surrounded by diamond accents. These pinpoint set diamonds add a lacy edge. Two additional bezel set diamonds flank the aquamarine. A polished white gold band adds the finishing touch. Details: New. Vintage Inspired. 14k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.14 carats. Aquamarine; 1.46 carats.



Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring in Rose and Pink

Like a strawberry moon, this vintage style engagement ring's pink spinel bathes the finger in a rosey glow. An array of diamonds spins around the gemstone and pinpoints the shoulders of the rose gold band. Mille grain trim surrounds both the spinel and these accenting diamonds. A rose gold band serves as the final romantic touch. Details: New. Vintage Inspired. 14k rose gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.09 carats. Pink spinel; 0.54 carats.



Vintage Wedding Ring with Tulip Motif

The diamond-accented tulips that dance down the center of this vintage wedding ring add a hint of springtime playfulness. A black enamel backsplash offers dramatic contrast to the eight diamonds that highlight this wedding ring like dewdrops. These diamond accents are tucked amongst a double row of tulip bulbs and leaves that spread across the front and wind down the shoulders. The thick white gold band of this vintage wedding ring hugs the back of the finger. Details: Vintage. Circa 1975. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.5 carats.



Art Nouveau Antique Aquamarine Ring

Diamonds and golden swirls orbit around this antique ring's aquamarine, forming a celestial galaxy. The oval aquamarine at the center of this Art Nouveau antique ring mesmerizes like a brilliant night sky. Round diamonds spin around the centerpiece gemstone, giving this antique ring the mood of twinkling stars. Swirling waves of gold capture this hypnotic scene in their folds. The design is truly mesmerizing! Details: Antique Art Nouveau. Circa 1900. 18k yellow gold. Old style single cut and round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.38 carats. Oval aquamarine; 1.08 carats.



Retro Leaf and Scroll Wedding Band

Like dandelion puffs dancing in the breeze, this vintage Retro wedding band sets lifetime wishes in motion. The pierced band of this wedding ring surrounds the finger in a playful display of swirling leaves. The leaf and scroll motif that spins around the finger in this wedding band is accentuated with twenty diamonds. These diamond accents pinpoint the center of each leaf in a nonstop array of shimmering radiance. Details: Vintage. Retro. Circa 1950. Platinum. Old style single cut and round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.355 carats.



By the Sea Vintage Style Engagement Ring

This vintage style engagement ring's blue zircon glistens with the colors of the ocean. The gemstone is set in a scalloped bezel that romantically softens its edges. Mille grain trim and a rose gold band add to this romance. A collection of diamonds sits at the sides of the zircon and drips down the shoulders in an alluring teardrop design. Details: New. Vintage Inspired. 14k rose gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.14 carats. Blue zircon; 1.70 carats.



Two Toned Twist and Swirl Engagement Ring

This two tone engagement ring serpentines around the finger like a pair of entwined metallic snakes. The bypass design of this engagement ring creates visual intrigue with a split shank. A yellow gold swirl winds its way between the white gold for a mesmerizing two-tone effect. The focal point of this vintage style engagement ring is a bezel set round diamond. Details: New. Vintage Inspired. 18k white gold and 18k yellow gold. Round brilliant cut diamond; 0.23 carats.



Ruby and Diamond Filigree Wedding Ring

Ask your princess to marry you and begin your fairy tale with this vintage style ruby and diamond wedding ring. A trio of triangular rubies radiates from the center of the band and a collection of diamonds adds sparkle. The metallic filigree that swirls around the gemstones provides a fantasy setting. Details: New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.26 carats. Rubies; 0.35 carats.



Swirling Filigree Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Mille grain curlicues highlight this spectacular engagement ring, framing its centerpiece sapphire in soft swirls. A blue sapphire is the focal point of this vintage inspired engagement ring. It is flanked by a pair of diamonds. Two additional diamonds are rhomboid set at the shoulders of the band. Textured swirls dive in, out, and around the gemstone. Details: New. Vintage style. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.05 carats. Blue sapphire; 0.73 carats.



Hand Wrought Vintage Ring with Aquamarine

In this vintage aquamarine ring, rose and green gold blossoms burst into bloom around a scissor's cut aquamarine. The gemstone rises like a full moon from a basket weave setting. Green and rose accents highlight the aquamarine's four directional points. A trio of gold colors provides metallic interest. Details: Vintage. Circa 1940. 14k white gold. Aquamarine; 3.83 carats.



Victorian Pearl and Diamond Antique Engagement Ring

The treble clef design of this Victorian antique engagement ring sets the tone for harmonious musicality. The ring's swirling design is accented with a collection of bezel set diamonds. Like dandelion puffs caught up in a breeze, these diamond accents spin up and around a dark cream colored natural pearl. Details: Antique, Victorian. Circa 1890. 14k yellow gold. Rose cut diamonds; 0.06 carats. Natural pearl.



Arts and Crafts Moonstone Antique Ring

The moonstone of this Arts and Crafts antique ring mesmerizes like ocean waves. The gemstone is East-West set to draw even more attention to the finger. A Greek key design decorates the handwrought band. Details: Antique, Arts and Crafts. Circa 1890 to 1910. 14k yellow gold. Moonstone; 1.56 carats.



Antique Engagement Ring with Old Mine Cut Diamond

A pair of marquise blue sapphires hugs the sides of this antique engagement ring's old mine cut diamond. Teardrop-shaped, the blue sapphires in this engagement ring give it vibrant touches of color. The diamond at the center is square set. The band of this antique engagement ring is carved on the shoulders and shank with flowers. Details: Antique. Circa 1920. 18k white gold. Old mine cut diamond; 0.27 carats. Blue sapphires; 0.04 carats.



Charming Rose Petal Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Scalloped rose petals fan out around a diamond in this bewitching vintage style engagement ring. The dainty design of this ring begins with a slim, polished band. The band culminates with a multi-petal floral mounting. A round diamond is nestled in the center of this profusion of flower petals. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamond; 0.27 carats.



Almandine Garnet Antique Ring with Pierced and Floral Design

This antique ring's almandine garnet radiates with the intensity of a blood moon. Flirtatious gold bows play peek-a-boo at the sides. Fiery hot, the gemstone is encircled by a cool pool of pearl accents. Flowers and chevrons are carved on the pierced band. Details: Antique. Circa 1940. 14k white gold. Garnet; 2.06 carats. Natural and cultured pearls.



Black Onyx and Diamond Vintage Ring

This vintage ring's onyx provides a dramatic backdrop for its delicate diamond centerpiece. The table cut cabochon black onyx bathes the finger from base to knuckle in ebony. Nestled at its center is a round diamond. The white gold setting is pierced around the girdle and at the shoulders. Engraving extends down the side of this vintage ring's band. Details: Vintage. Circa 1930 or later. 14k white gold. Single cut diamond; 0.025 carats. Black onyx.



Edwardian Aquamarine Antique Engagement Ring

This Edwardian antique aquamarine engagement ring has a beautiful pierced mounting. Tucked in the center of the double hexagon setting is a blue green aquamarine. Dainty peeks of lattice filigree spill down the shoulders and shank of this engagement ring adding to the visual appeal of the design. Details: Antique. Edwardian. Circa 1920. 14k white gold. Round aquamarine; 0.18 carats.



Aquamarine Antique Engagement Ring in Platinum

Two diamonds flirt with an aquamarine in this classic and elegant antique engagement ring in platinum. A pair of old cut diamonds are teardrop set at the shoulders and playfully hug the bluish green aquamarine. Details: Antique. Circa 1930. Platinum. Old European cut diamonds; 0.13 carats. Aquamarine; 1.15 carats.



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