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On this page, you'll find the latest additions to our extensive jewelry collection, including engagement rings, wedding rings, antique rings and other vintage jewelry. If you'd like to be notified whenever new jewelry becomes available, please sign up for our newsletter.

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Classic Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Diamond accents dance down the shoulders of this lovely aquamarine engagement ring. An aquamarine gemstone casts a pale cool glow from the center of this vintage engagement ring. It is hugged in a four prong setting. A collection of six old style diamonds flank the aquamarine, three on each side. The diamonds add just a tinge of understated sparkle to the finger. Details: Vintage. Circa 1930s or later. Platinum. Old style round cut diamonds; 0.24 carats. Aquamarine; 1.78 carats.



Vintage Engagement Ring with Floral Trim

Delicate flower blossoms tickle the corners of this vintage engagement ring's diamond setting. Etched at the shoulders, the flowers get the dressed-up treatment with pierced bowties further down the band. The white gold mounting of this vintage engagement ring provides striking visual contrast to the yellow gold band. An old cut diamond solitaire is nestled in its midst. Details: Vintage. Circa 1940. 14k yellow gold. Old mine cut diamond; 0.26 carats.



Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring in Shades of Blue

The stunning checkerboard faceting of this engagement ring's aquamarine gives the appearance of oceanic depth. The aquamarine faceting sends illumination asplash like sunlight glinting off water. The square cushion cut gemstone is rhomboid set and is texture trimmed. A pair of diamond accents flanks the aquamarine at its east and west corners. Details: Vintage style. New. 14k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.04 carats. Aquamarine; 1.45 carats.



Engagement Ring in Pale Greens and Yellows

Soft and delicate, this engagement ring vibrates with the colors of spring's first tender blades of grass. The pale yellow-green quartz at its center is set broadly across the finger in an East-West fashion. Two diamonds, one on each side, flank the quartz. All of the gemstones are surrounded by textured millegrain trim. Details: Vintage style. New. 14k yellow gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.04 carats. Quartz; 1.71 carats.



Sweet and Flirty Diamond Engagement Ring

A fleur de lis crown sits atop this delightful engagement ring's diamond solitaire. The focal point diamond is nestled inside a V'd band. Like angel wings unfurling, a collection of smaller accent diamonds glides up the shoulders of the slim band. The fleur de lis that coronates the diamond solitaire has a textured finish. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.44 carats.



Hand Engraved Antique Wedding Ring

A delicate floral array and the romantic provenance of the original giver/receiver come together in this antique wedding ring. The outside of this wedding band is etched in a traditional orange blossom design. The inside dates the ring back to 1925. It is hand engraved by the groom with tender sentiments to his bride. Details: Antique. Circa 1925. 18k white gold.



Antique Wedding Ring with Wheat and Scroll Design

The etched design of this antique wedding ring goes on forever like fields of golden wheat. The outside of this wedding band is hand engraved in a wheat and scroll design. The inside gives a nod to the romantic past with hand scripted intials and a February 1926 wedding date. Details: Antique. Circa 1926. 18k white gold.



Shimmering Diamond Engagement Ring

This vintage style engagement ring with diamonds shimmers from every angle. Some things never go out of style, like the classic diamond engagement ring. This new engagement ring in the vintage style borrows its beauty from yesteryear yet bathes the past in a coverlet of shiny newness. The diamonds are prong set in a glittering 18k white gold band. Details: Antique Style (New). 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamond; 0.32 carats.



Vintage Engagement Ring in Pink and Platinum

A delicate pink kunzite gives this vintage engagement ring a soft feminine flair. The light pink gemstone is highlighted by rivulets of diamonds at its sides. These diamond accents extend down the ring's shoulders. The polished band gives a splash of sparkle and sheen to the finger. Details: Vintage. Circa 1930 or later. Platinum. Single cut diamonds; 0.18 carats. Kunzite; 1.16 carats.



Twist and Swirl Engagement Ring

The open wave design of this diamond engagement ring gives a hint of playful movement. The diamond solitaire at the center of this vintage style engagement ring is bezel set. It is surrounded by a pair of twisted and smooth ropes that are arranged bypass style. They swirl around the diamond in an intriguing metallic stream. Details: New. Vintage style. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamond; 0.26 carats.



Old Mine Cut Diamond Antique Engagement Ring

This antique engagement ring's intricate cutwork offers an alluring setting for an old style diamond solitaire. Basketweave filigree joins etched hourglasses to give this engagement ring a breathtaking backdrop. Rising from the center of this metalwork display is an old mine cut diamond. Adding to the visual allure, the diamond is set in a double tier of hexagons. Details: Antique. Circa 1920. 18k white gold. Old mine cut diamond; 0.31 carats.



Antique Engagement Ring with Sapphire

Butterfly wings cup this antique engagement ring's sapphire as they take flight. The undersides of these wings are highlighted with a collection of accenting diamonds. The round sapphire that they embrace glows with deep blue intensity. The intricate platinum band of this antique engagement ring is romantically engraved with a 1925 date and a couple's initials. Details: Antique. Circa 1925. Platinum. Single cut diamonds; 0.06 carats. Blue sapphire; 0.86 carats.



Ruby and Diamond Vintage Wedding Ring

Ruby-centered teardrops and squares dance around the finger in this vintage wedding ring. The alternating geometric shapes are delineated by golden swirls. The round rubies that accent them are bead set. These gemstones emit hints of red and purple-scarlet and add a warm glow to the vintage band's yellow gold setting. Details: Vintage. Circa 1940s. 14k yellow gold. Rubies; 0.33 carats.



Blue as the Sky Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

Diamonds and scalloped filigree encircle this engagement ring's blue topaz like an angelic halo. Two larger accenting diamonds sit at the shoulders of the polished band in teardop-shapped settings. The centerpiece gemstone radiates a deep cerulean blue. Its multifaceted checkerboarding playfully reflects light from all directions. Details: Vintage style. New. 14k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.07 carats. Blue topaz; 1.80 carats.



Soft Blush Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Combining a rose gold setting with a soft pink gemstone, this vintage inspired engagement ring emanates ultra femininity. Focal pointed with an orange-pink Morganite, this engagement ring blushes with beauty. A double row of millegrain encircles the gemstone. Arranged pyramid style, six diamonds accentuate the shoulders of the ring's polished band. The diamonds are also trimmed in millegrain. Details: Vintage style. New. 14k rose gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.08 carats. Morganite; 1.20 carats.



Vintage Inspired Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Diamonds spin around this vintage inspired engagement ring's blue sapphire like magic fairy dust. Fourteen diamonds surround the gemstone in a sparkling framework. This crisp combination of stones is set in a polished white gold band. Details: Vintage insired. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.36 carats. Blue sapphire; 1.35 carats.



Blue Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring

Trios of diamonds alternate with gorgeous blue sapphires in this vintage inspired wedding ring. The gemstone collection spirals halfway around the finger. The three blue sapphires provide brilliant bursts of color to their tone-on-tone white gold and diamond environs. Set in a rectangular groove down the center of the band, the dimaonds and sapphires are all round cut for geometric contrast. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.16 carats. Blue sapphires; 0.23 carats.



Fiery Red Ruby Engagement Ring

Fire and ice in the form of rubies and diamonds duel for attention in this vintage style engagement ring. This engagement ring smolders with heat and sizzles with icyness. A hot red sun in the form of an oval ruby rises from the center of this ring. Diamond ice crystals flirt with the ruby. Smaller accent rubies march down the shoulders of the shimmering band. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.12 carats. Rubies; 0.56 carats.



Petite Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

This luscious engagement ring has a decided Princess Diana flair to it with its diamond accented blue sapphire. The centerpiece blue sapphire is cradled in a textured prong setting. Twelve diamonds, six on each side, drip down the shoulders in graduated sizing. The dainty polished band provides an understated backdrop for this engagement ring's stunning diamond and sapphire showcase. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.38 carats. Blue sapphire; 0.50 carats.



Simply Elegant Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond accented hearts romantically flank a round red ruby in this dainty and elegant engagement ring. The ruby that is nestled at the center of this engagement ring is bezel set. Hugging the gemstone's sides is a pair of hearts. The hearts are highlighted with diamond accents. The slim band of this vintage inspired engagement ring is classically simple. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.03 carats. Ruby; 0.32 carats.



Diamond Wedding Ring for a Princess

The double tiered design of this diamond wedding ring makes a crown jewel statement. The bottom tier is surrounded halfway around by a stream of diamonds. This lower band is topped with a rolling wave design. At the crest of each wave additional diamonds are bezel set. The overal effect of this wedding ring's dual layers is that of a princess's coronet. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.24 carats.



Wedding Band with a Trio of Diamond Cuts

The geometric intrigue of this diamond wedding band gives it antique Art Nouveau flavor yet with a totally contemporary slant. The sleek polished band delicately hugs the finger. The wedding band is interspersed around the front half with circular, teardrop, and rhomboid metallic elements. These shapes form the bezels for three different types of diamond cuts. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut, pear brilliant cut, and princess cut diamonds; 0.32 carats.



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