At Topazery, we want you to be thrilled with your jewelry!

We want you to be absolutely thrilled about your jewelry when you receive it. If you aren't satisifed, we'll cheerfully refund the purchase price of the jewelry according to our returns process. It's that simple.

If you have questions about our returns process, email us and we are happy to answer your questions. We want you to understand how to safely package and return your jewelry to Topazery.

How to Return a Jewelry Piece to Topazery

TOPAZERY'S RETURN POLICY. If an item is otherwise eligible to be returned, as provided herein, you may return the item and request a refund of your full purchase price of the item, subject to the fees and expenses referenced that are not refundable (See JEWELRY AND FEES THAT ARE NOT RETURNABLE AND REFUNDABLE), and provided you fully comply with Topazery's written Return Policy. As discussed in more detail below, in order to obtain a refund, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO BOTH OF THE FOLLOWING: (1) First send an email to Topazery of your intent to return the item and obtain a Return Authorization Code within the Return Period, and (2) Following receipt of the Return Authorization Code, return the item to Topazery during the Return Period. Topazery shall not be required to process a refund until it both receives the email requesting a refund and receives the returned item during the Return Period.

SEND AN EMAIL TO REQUEST A RETURN AUTHORIZATION CODE. Before sending your return package containing the item to be returned, you must request a Return Authorization Code during the 15-day Return Period. For domestic purchases, you must email Topazery and request a refund within fifteen (15) calendar days from the "SHIP" date on the original Topazery sales receipt that is included with your purchase. For international purchases, you must email Topazery and request a refund within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date you or someone else signs for the delivery of the package containing the item as per the shipper's delivery documentation. Our email address is on our "Contact" page on the Topazery website ( You must include the Topazery order number of the jewelry piece in your email to us. (The order number appears in your receipt.) Within twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours of your email, you will receive a response email from Topazery, containing your Return Authorization Code. If you do not hear from us by the end of the 48-hour period, we did not receive your email. In this situation, please forward Topazery the original SENT email requesting a Return Authorization code AND call us immediately at the phone number referenced on the "Contact" page of the Topazery website to request a Return Authorization Code. (If you email us during the fifteen (15) day return period and follow the above procedures, the fifteen (15) day period may be extended by one (1) business day after you receive a Return Authorization Code from Topazery.) Please clearly indicate the Return Authorization Code on the outside of your return package. Please note that additional notice requirements must be satisfied for the return of items that were damaged in the shipment process, which requirements are set forth further below in this Agreement. (See "IF YOU RECEIVED DAMAGED JEWELRY" below.) If those requirements are not met, Topazery shall not be responsible for the damaged item or refund of the purchase price.

RETURN THE ITEM TO TOPAZERY DURING THE RETURN PERIOD. After you obtain the Return Authorization Code, you must properly package and send the item back to Topazery. To be eligible for a refund you must send the return package containing the returned item to Topazery, which package must be postmarked (or contain an equivalent documented date of initial shipment for items not sent via United States Postal Service ("USPS") and sent back within the same fifteen (15) day Return Period. DO NOT SEND THE RETURN PACKAGE UNTIL YOU FIRST SEND THE EMAIL AND RECEIVE A RETURN AUTHORIZATION CODE FROM TOPAZERY AS DISCUSSED ABOVE. IF YOU RETURN JEWELRY WITHOUT FIRST SENDING AN EMAIL TO TOPAZERY AND WITHOUT CLEARLY REFERENCING THIS RETURN AUTHORIZATION CODE ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RETURN PACKAGE, THE JEWELRY WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR RETURN SHIPPING, AND A REFUND WILL NOT BE ISSUED.

After obtaining the Return Authorization Code, when sending the item back to Topazery, you must do the following:

JEWELRY AND FEES THAT ARE NOT RETURNABLE AND REFUNDABLE: Unless otherwise stated herein, under no circumstances will Topazery refund any shipping expenses, any sizing expenses (whether purchased through Topazery or purchased by the customer through a third party), any appraisal expenses (either those purchased through Topazery or purchased by the customer through a third party) or any other special fees for domestic or international shipments of items. In addition, for international shipments of items, Topazery will not refund any customs fees, duties, taxes, and other expenses related to the international shipment of items. Eternity bands for which you request sizing, rings for which you receive a custom sizing quote, and special orders (i.e., a unique jewelry item that Topazery does not have in stock, is not referenced on the Topazery website, and must be ordered by Topazery at the request of a customer) are not returnable or refundable; orders for such items or services may not be cancelled or changed, once they have been placed by you. Jewelry in which the special Topazery jewelry tag has been removed (or has been removed and reattached by someone other than Topazery) or has been altered is not returnable or refundable. Jewelry that has been worn, damaged after delivery, stolen after delivery, damaged during the return process, sized after delivery by someone other than Topazery, or altered in any way is not returnable or refundable.

REFUNDS: Topazery will issue a refund of the purchase price to you within ten (10) business days from the date the returned item is accepted by Topazery. The refund will be issued in the form of original payment. Depending on the policies of your financial or other credit card institution, your return credit may not show on your financial or other credit card institution's account statement until the next billing cycle. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period. You must follow each of the steps of Topazery's Return Policy exactly; if you fail to follow each step exactly, your return will not be processed and a refund will not be issued. If you fail to follow each step exactly, Topazery reserves the right to return the jewelry to you and charge you for return shipping. Unless otherwise stated herein, refunds are limited to the refund of the purchase price of the returned item.

RESTOCKING FEES: Topazery expressly reserves the right to charge you a restocking fee for any returned item. Specifically, Topazery charges a 20% restocking fee (20% of the purchase price for each item returned) in the following circumstances due to high credit card processing fees and other return costs: If you purchase MORE THAN ONE OF THE SAME TYPE OF ITEM, keep an item, and return the other items that do not work for you, Topazery charges a 20% restocking fee on each returned item. For example, if you purchase three wedding rings, keep the one you like best, and return the other two rings, Topazery charges a 20% restocking fee on the two returned rings.

IF YOU RECEIVE DAMAGED JEWELRY: If you receive a jewelry piece that has been damaged during shipping, YOU MUST DO BOTH OF THE FOLLOWING: (1) Within forty-eight (48) hours of your receipt of the damaged item, send Topazery an email at the email address indicated on our "Contact" page of our website, stating that the item was damaged during shipment, describing the damage, and requesting a Return Authorization Code; and (2) Send us separate notice of the damaged shipment, stating that the item was damaged and describing the damage, via certified mail, registered mail, Federal Express, UPS, or another form of tracked-delivery, which notice must be received by Topazery within three (3) calendar days of your receipt of the item. These notifications are required so that we may contact our insurance carrier in a timely manner regarding the damage. You must include the Topazery item number of the item damaged and a description of the damage in your communications. IF YOU FAIL TO PROVIDE NOTICE TO TOPAZERY WITHIN BOTH THE FOREGOING FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOUR AND THREE (3) DAY PERIODS, TOPAZERY SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGED ITEM AND SHALL NOT BE REQUIRED TO REFUND YOUR PURCHASE PRICE FOR THE DAMAGED ITEM. We will give you a full refund of the purchase price and all of Topazery's fees associated with the item damaged during shipment if you comply with these notification requirements and otherwise follow the requirements of the Return Policy above.

This page explains how to return a jewelry piece for a refund and what to do if you receive a jewelry piece that has been damaged during shipping. To read all of our policies, go to our Legal page.

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