Antique and Vintage Style Wedding Rings

Antique Style Wedding Rings

Because the antique and vintage wedding rings we've offered over the years weren't mass produced, it's safe to say they're unique, and once-in-a-lifetime purchase opportunities. Once an antique ring is sold, you likely won't ever see another like it. Until now.

Many of our customers have asked for designs similar to the antique rings we sell, so we've created this collection of vintage inspired wedding rings that incorporate antique style with contemporary flair.

Why Choose a Vintage Style Wedding Ring?

You've just started shopping for a wedding ring, and you're stumped. You're overwhelmed. You're thinking about just getting a plain gold band, and being done with it. We hear you. The options available to brides today are nothing short of staggering. Luckily for you, we're here to help. Learn More »

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Wedding Band with Vine and Leaf Motif

Vines and leaves meander half way around this vintage style leaf motif wedding ring. The leaves and vines of this 18k white gold wedding ring are trimmed in milgrain and accented with a collection of sixteen round brilliant cut diamonds. This is the complimentary band for engagement ring style RG-3169. Vintage style wedding rings like this one are also perfect to wear alone or to stack with other bands.



Vintage Style Wedding Ring with Filigree

Diamonds, mille grain and fancy cutwork join forces in this filigree and diamond vintage style wedding ring. A total of fifty-two round brilliant cut diamonds lend sparkle around the finger in this 18k white gold band. The design is enhanced with intricate beaded scrollwork. This is a (new) vintage style wedding ring.



Floral Wedding Band with Diamonds

A delicate vine of diamonds winds around the finger in this unusual vintage style wedding ring. Open-work vines twist their way down the shoulders of this band, with a collection of 16 round brilliant cut diamonds accenting their leaves. The diamonds in this vintage style wedding ring total 0.10 carats. This is a new vintage style wedding ring, which matches engagement ring style RG-2813. The ring is also very pretty when worn alone.



Vintage Style Wedding Ring with Infinity Motif

This vintage style filigree wedding ring with infinity motif curves ever so slightly against its matching engagement ring. Adorned with 26 round brilliant cut diamonds and beautiful milgraining, this vintage style wedding ring makes an elegant and feminine bridal set when paired with engagement ring style RG-2814.



Paisley and Filigree Diamond Wedding Band

Paisley filigree swirls and mille grain enhance the design of vintage style wedding rings like this one. This 18k white gold filigree and diamond ring is elegant worn alone or paired with a filigree engagement ring. Twenty-two round brilliant cut diamonds accentuate the band along the top and shoulders and six additional diamonds add shimmer and sparkle on the sides.



Vintage Style Wedding Ring

This wedding band has a diamond lace motif like the design on the matching engagement ring, style RG-3276. This is a vintage style (new) wedding ring.



Diamond Wedding Ring

Thirteen diamonds in a shared prong design make a glittering statement on her wedding ring finger. The thirteen round brilliant cut diamonds that encircle the outer half of this wedding band total 0.64 carats. The diamonds are VS2 in clarity and range in color from G to I. The 18k white gold band of this wedding ring is polished to a high sheen. This is a new diamond wedding ring.



Antique Style Diamond Wedding Band

A playful arrangement of geometric shapes gives this antique style diamond wedding ring interest. The smoothly polished 18k white gold of this antique style ring culminates in a stream of diamond-accented circles and teardrops. The eleven round brilliant cut diamonds that accentuate them total 0.22 carats. This is a new diamond wedding band in the antique style.



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If you're considering (or haven't yet considered) an antique or vintage style wedding ring, it may just be the answer to your prayers. Check out these benefits of a vintage style wedding ring. Then you can choose a ring, and focus on the really tough part of getting married--meeting the in-laws.

No one else has worn it. Antique rings are beautiful and carry a lot of history with them. But maybe you prefer something that's only yours and no one else's, and that's okay. Sometimes it's nice to have something brand new. Choosing a vintage style wedding ring will give you the style and sophistication of a classic design, while also being another new element of your new marriage and life.

It may be less expensive. Let's face it--weddings can be costly affairs. By the time you've booked the venue, chosen the flowers, and selected your dress, your bank account may be a bit strained. Antique style wedding rings are just as beautiful as their true antique counterparts, but may cost a little less.

It can serve double duty. Before diamond engagement rings became a traditional part of betrothal, the wedding ring was often the only ring the bride wore. For this reason, they were often a little more elaborate than simple gold bands. If you're not interested in a flashy diamond engagement ring, but still want something with a little more oomph than a plain band, a vintage-style wedding ring can be the answer.

You won't tire of it. A wedding ring is meant to be forever. This is a piece of jewelry you'll be wearing every day for the rest of your life. Are you going to tire of looking at it after a while, or is it going to continue to make your heart flutter decades from now? A vintage-style wedding ring with its intricate design and unique setting will be something you can admire and be happy to wear for the next several decades.

Antique and Vintage Style Wedding Rings

Traditionally, in some countries such as the U.S., Italy, and Portugal, married couples wear their wedding rings on the third fingers of their left hands. In many other countries, such as Spain, Denmark, Norway, and Poland, the rings are worn on the same finger of the right hand. Either way, the sentiment is the same--the wedding ring symbolizes a deep commitment.

If you're looking for a new wedding ring that is reminiscent of the past, our antique and vintage style wedding rings are a perfect way to seal your vows. Each ring has been hand-selected because it represents the old-world charm you expect from a Topazery jewelry piece. Vintage and antique style wedding rings look and feel just like wedding rings from the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Edwardian, and Retro eras.

Antique Style Wedding Rings

The stones adorning our collection of antique and vintage style wedding rings range from traditional diamond accents, to gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, citrines, and more.

Filigree and open cutwork are just some of the fine detailing you'll notice in Topazery's wide selection of vintage and antique style wedding rings. You'll find platinum, white, yellow, as well as rose gold wedding rings. If you want a new wedding band that evokes the elegance and romanticism of days gone by, an antique or vintage style wedding ring is the perfect choice for you.

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