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What comes to mind when you think of vintage? Torn blue jeans? Peasant blouses and long skirts? Worn and threadbare handbags and accessories? Sure, vintage can be all of those things, depending on your style and where you shop. But when it comes to vintage jewelry, it can just as easily mean sophistication, style, and substance.

How to Wear Vintage Jewelry

Aside from old, used, and worn, the definition we like best for vintage is classic. When you wear vintage jewelry, you're opening up a world of possibilities in wardrobe and style. So how can you pair a piece of vintage jewelry with today's clothing and accessories to create a classic yet contemporary ensemble? Learn More »

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Vintage Style Diamond Earrings

WOW! With every slight turn of the head, over three carats of diamonds capture the light and set it to dance. Both diamonds in this pair of earrings are GIA certified and weigh 1.55 carats each for a total weight of 3.10 carats. The diamonds are set in 18k white gold studs which secure to the lobe via threaded posts. Details: 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 3.10 carats. Vintage style (New)



Victorian Swag and Floral Necklace

Delicate flowers and natural pearls create an enchanting garden design in this Victorian antique necklace. A horseshoe array of bold floral blossoms is gathered into a swag bouquet that seductively drapes down the neckline. The long, dainty cable-link 18k yellow gold chain of this antique necklace is accented with smaller single flowers and five creamy natural spherical pearls. Circa 1900



South Sea Pearl Necklace with Vintage Clasp

This vintage pearl necklace with diamond clasp is destined to become one you reach for time and time again. The substantial South Sea pearls of which this necklace is composed add sophisticated drama to any jewelry wardrobe. The uniquely styled vintage clasp, however, ensures they earn their rightful place among your most coveted pieces. Shaped like an hourglass with wings hugging its curves, the 18k white gold claps is accented with a dozen diamonds. Details: Vintage. Circa 1940. 18k white gold. Single cut diamonds; 0.14 carats. South Sea pearls.



Filigree and Diamond Vintage Bracelet

In vintage bracelets like this one, white and yellow gold filigree wraps the wrist with lacey stars. Four-pointed stars sit inside gold four-leaf-clover filigreed links in this delicately designed bracelet. Each of the eighteen stars that encircle the wrist is centered with a round brilliant cut diamond. An additional 144 diamonds accent the points. The total diamond weight of this vintage bracelet is 0.92. Circa 2009



Maple Leaf Victorian Bracelet

Maple leaves dance around her wrist in this charming antique bracelet. The vein and frond details of the maple leaves in this antique bracelet are so lifelike they resemble actual leaves dipped in gold. The 18k yellow gold double links are separated by shimmering dollops. The bracelet secures around the wrist with a concealed box clasp with safety chain. This antique jewelry piece is probably French and is circa 1900.



Vintage Pearl Bracelet

A shimmering star-orbited moon medallion secures a double string of Akoya pearls. This vintage bracelet surrounds the wrist in pearl sophistication. The saltwater Akoya pearls that string this bracelet are arranged in a double strand. They are joined with a 14k yellow gold and diamond box style clasp. This closure accent brings to mind a full moon encircled by a constellation of stars. Details: Vintage. Circa 1950 or later. 14k yellow gold. Full cut diamonds; 0.24 carats. Saltwater Akoya pearls.



Vintage Cross with Old Cut Diamonds

A Victorian vintage jewelry cross features a lovely open design. A bezel set old European cut diamond is set at the center of this vintage jewelry piece. Bead set rose cut diamonds are artistically placed at the end of each arm. This vintage cross is hand wrought. Details: Victorian. Silver topped 18k yellow gold. Old European and Rose cut diamonds; 0.42 carats. Circa 1900.



Vintage Christian Cross

Old cut diamonds shimmer from this vintage Christian cross's fleur de lis and starburst elements. The cutwork in this vintage cross gives it romantic allure. The petals, starbursts and rhomboids with which it is pierced are accentuated with old cut diamonds. The hinged bail is also diamond accented. The hand wrought setting is in platinum on 18k yellow gold. Details: Vintage. Circa 1930. Platinum on 18k yellow gold. Rose, table, and old European cut diamonds; 0.27 carats.



Classic Diamond Pendant

Two enchanting diamonds suspend like Cupid's arrow from this classic necklace's pendant. Attached to a rabbit ear bail, the diamonds appear to float midair. The diamond arrangement, with the pear shape hanging from the round one, gives the romantic illusion of the heart being pierced. Both of the diamonds are GIA certified. The cable link chain is included. Details: Vintage style. New. 14k white gold. Round brilliant and pear brilliant cut diamonds; 2.27 carats.



Orange Blossom Bangle Bracelet

The captivating natural beauty of orange blossoms in spring is captured in this vintage style bangle bracelet. Orange blossom flowers are carved into this bangle all the way around a delicate band of 14k white gold. This is a new orange blossom bangle bracelet in the 1930s vintage style. The bracelet has been hand finished by a Topazery Master Jeweler. From the Topazery Collection.



Vintage Charm Bracelet

In this vintage bracelet nine eyecatching charms dangle from a yellow gold figaro link chain, adding whimsy to the wrist. A heart, a pineapple, two French sentiment discs, and a hinged fortune cookie are among the gold charms. The remaining four charms cast a further bewitching spell with their colorful accents: temple with blue glass beads; cowbell with red Swiss cross; duck with red enamel eyes; and Christmas disc with reindeer and bells featuring red and blue stones. Details: Vintage. Circa 1930s and later. 14k and 18k yellow gold. 63.42 grams.



Filigree and Diamond Vintage Cross

Meanderingly cut down the center, this filigree vintage cross serves as a reminder of the Savior. Set in 18k yellow gold, this vintage cross is topped with a rhodium finish. Twenty-one single cut diamonds accent the filigreed base. The cutwork and diamonds lead to a square-set old European cut diamond at the center. The combined weight of all the diamonds is 0.59 carats. Circa 1930 or later



Vintage Filigree and Diamond Cross

Filigree and diamonds join forces to create this romantic vintage cross. The points of this handcrafted vintage cross, which is made of platinum-topped 18k yellow gold, are tipped with hearts for added romance. Nineteen rose cut diamonds are bead set into the filigree. A bezel set single cut diamondis at the center of this vintage jewelry piece. In total, these diamonds weigh 0.12 carats. Circa 1950 or after.



Victorian Antique Diamond Necklace

A stunning Victorian necklace features 51 Old European cut and old style full cut diamonds totaling 10.91 carats. The diamonds of this antique necklace are set in a hand-wrought Riviera drop design mounting. The classic design, with graduated diamonds, lays fluidly on the neck, and glitters with every graceful turn of your head. Details: Antique, Victorian. 14k Rose gold. Old European and Old Style full cut diamonds; 10.91 carats. Circa 1900.



Onyx and Diamond Vintage Earrings

The teardrop black onyxes that drip from these vintage earrings add dramatic impact. This vintage earring pair showcases round platinum bullets drizzling from hoop and dangle posts, each one accentuated with a round brilliant cut diamond. Connected to these glimmering cascades are elongated ebony onyxes that delicately grace the neck. Details: Platinum. Brilliant cut diamond; 0.75 carats. Black onyx. Vintage. Circa 1930.



Victorian Antique Scatter Pin Set

Rich, creamy pearls are backplashed by 14k gold for the ultimate sophistication in wardrobe accenting. This set of three antique bar pins combines the elegance of natural Oriental pearls with the grace of gold. Shaped long and lean, this trio of goldenrod scatter pins can versatilely be worn either vertically or horizontally. Dating back to the late Victorian era, these pearl pins give an instant touch of class to any outfit. Details: Antique. Victorian. Circa late 1890s. 14k yellow gold. Natural Oriental pearls.



Antique Bar Pin by Krementz

The delicate lattice work in this Edwardian pin's design brings to mind summer gardens fragrant with climbing roses. Curlicues, crossbows, scrolls and leaves wind their way down the center of this antique pin like a romantic garden trellis. 14k yellow gold and rhodium combine for a bewitching two-tone effect. A Krementz trademark attests to this pierced and engraved pin's antique lineage. Details: Antique. Edwardian. Circa 1910. 14k yellow gold. Krementz trademark.



Art Deco Antique Brooches

Early Art Deco jewelry, like this platinum and diamond antique pin, was designed to compliment a lady's elegant handmade gown of silk and lace. This glorious antique brooch sparkles with 101 diamonds totaling 4.77 carats Three European cut diamonds run down the center of this brooch and total 1.62 carats. Ninety-eight old style round full cut and old style round single cut diamonds are set in the floral jewelry lacework and total approximately 3.15 carats. This elegant Art Deco jewelry piece also converts to a pendant. Antique pins like this one are dazzling on the sash of your wedding dress! Circa 1915.



Edwardian Filigree Antique Pendant

The filigreeing in this Edwardian antique pendant necklace drizzles down the decolletage like the finest spun lace. At the center of this lacework is nestled a fancy yellow brown diamond. This diamond is hexagonal set, lending Edwardian geometric intrigue to this antique pendant. The pendant necklace is crowned with a fancy coronet through which is threaded an included rope link chain. Details: Antique, Edwardian. Circa 1920. 14k white gold. Old European cut diamond; 0.42 carats.



Three Strand Vintage Pearl Necklace with Diamond Clasp

A platinum and diamond bowtie clasp ramps up the sophistication of this triple strand pearl necklace. The 165 Akoya pearls that make up the three strands of this vintage necklace offer the ultimate in elegance. The classic pearl look gets the black tie treatment with a platinum and diamond clasp. Shaped like a bowtie, this box-style closure is accented with a collection of round brilliant and single cut diamonds. Wear the clasp in the back for a sophisticated, polished daytime look; then slide it around to the front at night to bring on the glamour. Details: Vintage. Circa 1940. Platinum and 18k white gold. Round brilliant and single cut diamonds; 0.96 carats. Akoya pearls.



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Vintage Pearl Necklace

One name is often synonymous with the pearl necklace--Audrey Hepburn. The Tiffany necklace she wore in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's is iconic. It consisted of five strands of pearls, with a large Swarovski crystal pendant in the center. She wore it with a slinky black, floor-length gown, and black, over-the-elbow, opera gloves.

You don't have to go quite as Hollywood to wear a vintage pearl necklace. Even one strand can beautifully complement a simple neckline on any dress or blouse. Pearls are the classic that go with anything. Still, they do produce quite a dramatic look against a little black dress.

Vintage Pearl Bracelet

A couple of the same rules apply to pearl bracelets as pearl necklaces--keep the attire simple, and you can never go wrong with black. But keep a few extra details in mind as well.

One classic look that can be improved with a pearl bracelet is a sweater twinset. Neutral tones are fine, but brighter colors will be reflected in the iridescence of white pearls. You can go another way, and wear a pearl bracelet with a short-sleeved or sleeveless blouse, allowing the soft glow of the gems to stand alone. If you wear any other jewelry on that hand, make sure it's just one, simple ring. And of course, your engagement ring or wedding ring are never out of step with other jewelry pieces.

Vintage Brooch

Whatever happened to the brooch? We think it needs to make more of a comeback. Brooches used to be essential accessories, adorning women's lapels throughout the 1940s and 1950s. From small and delicate, to large and bold, a classic vintage brooch can be one of your most versatile pieces of jewelry.

This vintage amethyst brooch from the 1970s is a perfect example, with its 6.5 carat violet gemstone, and 14k gold setting. Wear it on a black or gray dress, the lapel of a suit jacket, or to hold a silk scarf in place. Perfection.

Vintage Dangle Earrings

People of both sexes and all ages have been piercing their ears (and other body parts) for at least 5,000 years. Egyptian mummies have been discovered wearing earrings, and even the Bible references that type of jewelry. With numerous styles available, you have unlimited choices when it comes to adorning your ears. One of the most popular types of vintage earrings, though, are dangle earrings.

If you're going to go to the trouble of choosing a beautiful pair of vintage dangle earrings, you want to be able to show them off. Short hairstyles make this easy. If your hair is longer, an updo is always a perfect backdrop for a special pair of earrings.

The vintage earrings you choose may be a little fancy for everyday wear, so consider adding them to an evening ensemble, complete with cocktail dress, and other accompanying pieces. If you really want your vintage earrings to stand out, make the other pieces understated, such as a simple strand of pearls, or a classic ring with a small gemstone, rather than a large, colorful cocktail ring.

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