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One of the fastest growing trends in fashion today is the popularity of vintage and antique jewelry, and helping to lead this trend is Topazery. Since its launch in 2002, Topazery has sustained a meticulously curated online jewelry collection and amassed a wealth of knowledge related to vintage and antique rings, bracelets, necklaces and other timeless jewelry creations. Our goal with this press room is to share our knowledge with the news media and the fashion blogger community so that even more consumers can enjoy jewelry that has withstood the test of time.

Facts about Topazery

Topazery is a leading resource on the Internet for a meticulously curated collection of vintage and antique jewelry. For a quick summary about Topazery’s leadership position, please click on this link to learn about our history of growth and service to vintage and antique jewelry markets. View PDF

Topazery's Story

After a successful career in the high-tech industry, Jan Walden saw an opportunity to combine her technical knowledge of the Internet with a love of beautiful jewelry. With a discerning eye for truly unique vintage and antique jewelry, Jan has traveled across the country and internationally to create the meticulously curated collection that is Topazery today. You can read Jan’s story and the story of Topazery here in Jan’s own words. View PDF

Topazery Launches Video Celebrating Vintage Cars, Fashion, Jewelry

November 04, 2016

A beautifully produced new video from Topazery brings together the beauty and allure of vintage cars, fashion and jewelry, all on a sunny afternoon in southern California. Vintage car photographer Royce Rumsey directed the production that features West Coast Swing Champion Brandi Tobias.

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Vintage Car Photographer Compares Vintage Cars and Jewelry

November 03, 2016

Royce Rumsey, one of the world’s foremost vintage car photographers, sees close parallels between cars and jewelry from eras past. In this interview, he discusses how design, craftsmanship and use of materials make all things vintage must-have possessions.

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Jewelry Part of Artistic Expression for West Coast Swing Champion

November 02, 2016

West Coast Swing Champion Brandi Tobias knows what it takes to win dance competitions all around the world and become a leading coach, teacher and choreographer. In this interview, she talks about how everything about a dancer, including the jewelry she wears, is part of artistic expression.

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Vintage Jewelry Introductions

September 27, 2016

The amazing range of gemstone colors in vintage and antique jewelry is dramatically illustrated by some of the newest offerings by Topazery. From the soft blue of aquamarine to the fiery red of almandine garnet, these unique rings are sure to dazzle and delight the most discerning of jewelry collectors who appreciate the inspired creativity of eras past.

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Holiday Gift Ideas in Vintage and Antique Jewelry

September 12, 2016

Finding a unique holiday gift for someone special can be quite the challenge, but it doesn't have to be. A perfectly unique gift could be a vintage or antique ring, bracelet or necklace, and best of all you can shop from the privacy and convenience of your own home through You'll find detailed photography and descriptions of every piece so you can choose just the right gift.

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Topazery Showcases Three Strand Pearl Necklace

August 16, 2016

In the world of vintage jewelry nothing says elegance and class quite like pearls. Whether it’s a night-on-the town or casual comfort wearing jeans in the country, pearls convey a rich elegance that’s reminiscent of the romance of an earlier era. With an abiding respect for classic fashion trends that are finding a new audience today, Topazery is featuring a unique three-strand pearl necklace in its curated online collection.

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Topazery's Launches Learning Center as Guide to Vintage and Antique Jewelry

August 02, 2016

While virtually everyone has purchased jewelry at one time or another, the purchase of a vintage or antique piece can be a first for many people. And it’s an endeavor fraught with questions. What are the options available in vintage and antique jewelry? How can I be sure the piece I am buying is accurately represented? After I buy a vintage or antique piece, can I wear it every day? How can I take care of it? To answer these questions and many more, Topazery has created a Learning Center.

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