Romance Comes Alive in a Hawaii-Inspired Seaside Wedding

May 15, 2017

Vintage jewelry and dreamy glamour create a Hawaii-inspired wedding spectacular

Just about everyone has a dream for their wedding. But some folks, captivated by the allure of America's golden islands in the Pacific, aren't willing to "lei" down for any old theme—they want Hawaiian skies, sands, surf, and color. If you're one of the hopeless romantics who envision a seaside celebration by the crystalline waters of Oahu, Maui, or Lanai (but can't quite manage the trip across the sea), then you're in luck! In April, Topazery was fortunate enough to travel to Point Dume for a collaborative photoshoot with a group of wedding professionals that brought the magic of Maui to Malibu—and we're sharing it with you!

A Topazery vintage engagement ring with chrome tourmaline is one of the stars in a dreamy Hawaiian inspired wedding

Bringing Hawaiian glamour to this special day was a team effort, to be sure. In addition to our own contribution—one of our favorite vintage engagement rings—the team drew on the expertise of artisans, aestheticians, clothiers, calligraphers, and florists - all under the direction of a very talented husband-and-wife photography team who brought to life a Hawaiian wedding fantasy.

A happy couple after their wedding by the sea

A beautiful bride wearing a Topazery vintage engagement ring and earrings by Lindsay Marie Design

A groom wearing a smashing suit by Stitch And Tie

Bathed in rose-gold sunlight, our models—Laura Claire Gude and Russell Stout—were effortlessly elegant as they danced across the shimmering sands and waxed romantic in front of the susurrating surf. The colors of the sea, from deepest blue to frothy white lace, made the happy couple seem a part of the sea themselves, thanks to a tropical-light backless dress from Musat Official and a devastatingly dashing suit from Stitch and Tie.

A bride wearing a wedding dress by Musat Official

Amazing calligraphy by Bijou Creative

Handwritten vows by Bijou Creative

With Lavenders Flowers providing a mango-fresh, tropical pallet of color everywhere we turned, both models looking flawlessly composed thanks to Kohnur, and the bride's vintage chrome tourmaline ring flashing stormy and mysterious as the sea, we had to keep reminding ourselves we were still in California! Add in truly dazzling earrings by Lindsay Marie Design and exquisite ribbons from Tono & Co., and you can see why a dash of Polynesian panache is in demand.

A bride kisses her groom and holds a bouquet by Lavenders Flowers

Of course, a truly exceptional wedding motif extends far beyond the day itself, and into the accoutrements of nuptial bliss. We absolutely couldn't get enough of the charming calligraphic work of Bijou Creative, and Richard Photo Labs made sure the images captured by Koman Photography retained their magnificence as we share them with the world.

It seemed the afternoon was over far too soon. But thanks to these incredible images and this amazing collaboration, we hope that anyone, and everyone, who wants to add some tropical flavor to their special day can find something that inspires and empowers them when it comes time to get "Maui'd."

We'd also like to extend a hearty mahalo to these incredibly talented wedding vendors:

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