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Is Your Offering Simple And Cheap, Complex And Expensive, Or Somewhere In Between?

June 12, 2015

In an article on, Lary Myler describes product offerings which are in 4 categories ranging from simple and cheap to expensive and complex. Larry explains that a "good example of a Quadrant 2 company is vintage jewelry store, Topazery. "We try to engage our customers at an emotional level through images and stories, says [a Topazery spokesperson]. And that emotion, coupled with beautiful jewelry, can easily create interest for their friends, relatives and co-workers, which brings us referral business.""

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

Having recently celebrated 10 years of selling vintage and antique jewelry on the web, Topazery Jewelry reviews its accomplishments over the last decade. A celebrity first sale, a move to the big city and a feature spotlight on primetime TV are just some of the highlights the company has experienced since its humble beginnings.

Topazery Jewelry's Tenth Anniversary in 2012 prompted the online jewelry boutique to review its accomplishments over the past ten years of selling vintage and antique jewelry on the web. That retrospective reveals the companys humble beginnings, its first celebrity customer, a major relocation, a TV spotlight, several expansions in antique style jewelry offerings and rolling with the punches as the World Wide Web changed and evolved.

When Topazery first opened its doors in 2001, the company operated out of an antiques mall in Charlotte, N.C. Back then, its focus was on antique furnishings and accessories, with only a small selection of jewelry comprising its inventory. In October 2002, Topazery founder, Jan Walden, decided to take her antique concept to the then still-in-its-infancy web and shift the focus to jewelry. That move was a calculated risk, with the notion of doing business entirely online still a novel and unproven model. When we began selling online, didnt exist and (the largest online retailer in the world) had just announced its first profitable year, Walden explains.

With a starting budget of less than $ 1,000, debuted with a mere five antique and vintage rings up for sale. As Topazery Jewelry reviews its first 10 years, its hard to believe the website had a total of just three pages in its infancy: Home, About and Jewelry, Walden reminisces. Despite its Spartan ambience, however, the sites sought-after antique jewelry offerings quickly attracted an audience. In fact, the first person to purchase a piece from the companys online inventory was an acclaimed NBC news correspondent.

From there, business took off, prompting Walden in 2005 to pack up and relocate Topazery Jewelrys headquarters from Charlotte to Atlanta. That year we expanded our jewelry offerings and added a special selection of new antique style jewelry from several designers.

That wouldnt be the first time the company would take its focus in a new direction. In 2007, Topazery stopped offering jewelry designed by others and began focusing on its own line: The Topazery Collection. That same year, a Victorian style sapphire and diamond ring from Topazery was chosen for NBCs hit drama TV series, Crossing Jordan. Airing in February 2007, the episode, which was titled Mr. Little and Mr. Big, prominently featured an elegant sapphire and diamond ring from Topazery Jewelry as part of its storyline.

Today, Topazery Jewelry is still a small online boutique with the same personalized attention to detail it provided in 2002. In the 10 years since then, however, the companys professional team has expanded to include master jewelers, appraisers, gemologists, a writer, a webmaster and a photographer. In that respect, Topazery fully leverages all the benefits an online working environment affords.

Because we all work out of private offices, Ive been able to bring in the best professionals from all over the country without requiring them to uproot and move to Atlanta. I also dont have to maintain a brick-and-mortar shop and wrestle with all the extra tasks that entails, Walden relates.

Its online presence also allows Topazery Jewelry to put a full library of educational pages at its customers fingertips. As a result, they can learn about antique jewelry, diamonds and gemstones without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes. That educational focus is paying off for the company. And with its antique and vintage jewelry pieces ranging in price from under $ 100 to $ 15,000, everyone can find something special to fit their budget.

Crossing Jordan Chooses Topazery Ring

Crossing Jordan on NBC

A Victorian style sapphire and diamond ring from Topazery was chosen for the hit drama series, Crossing Jordan on NBC. The episode, "Mr. Little and Mr. Big", aired on NBC in February, 2007 with the elegant sapphire and diamond ring as part of the story.

Indian Millionaire Magazine

Indian Millionaire Magazine

"The beauty of antique jewellery lies in its multifaceted allure. Vintage creations, opulent in history, laden with stories of past owners .... the romance will ever endure. And Topazery awaits those who wish to sail away into this mist of exquisite jewels." -- Topazery, A Vintage Romance by Suchita Parikha.

The Charlotte Observer

The Charlotte Observer

"Forget a diamond solitaire. Today's young couples are increasingly turning to antique engagement rings to find a more distinctive way to commemorate their betrothal" -- Future Commitment Sealed with the Past by Leigh Dyer.

Antique Trader Magazine

Antique Trader Magazine

"Diamonds and beyond ... antique engagement rings are becoming a bride's best friend. For generations, engagement rings have symbolized eternal or everlasting love, and antique engagement rings are proving to stand the test of time. Today, many couples are bypassing new jewelry and pledging their love with jewelry that has a bit of history." -- Going to the Chapel by Stephanie Scott.

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