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Antique Style Aquamarine Engagement Ring

My fiance had actually been waiting for this ring to not be sold out since I found it and showed it to him over a year ago. He contacted Topazery asking if they could start selling it again or do a custom order and within a few weeks my ring was in the mail. The photos truly do not do it justice. This ring is absolutely unique. It's like nothing else I've ever seen. I could not be happier with it and have been so proud to show it off to everyone. It's perfect for my style and personality. I still can't believe it's actually mine and I get to wear it everyday. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful piece of art that I get to carry around on my finger.

J.C. from California, USA

Art Nouveau Turtle Motif Antique Ring

Thank you, again, for making this special ring available. The turtle hopped out of your beautiful sky blue presentation box as spring arrived on Saturday afternoon and was welcomed with laughter and delight. A short chorus of the song "You can't hurry love, you just have to wait" (like a turtle crossing the beach toward the sea) was sung and the recipient's trained eye (she's a geologist) observed the sapphire's asterism and the glint of diamond facets at almost every light source and every viewing angle available. Snippets of folklore about the world riding on the turtle's back and other wonderful stories of longevity and good luck were shared as the first sun of spring slipped below the horizon. The tag has been removed -- the turtle is happily riding upon a joyful hand.

D.H. from Alabama, USA

Aquamarine Filigree Engagement Ring

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. My fiance and I both love the ring. She's had her heart set on it for 2 months now. We are very happy to have purchased it from Topazery. No one else has what you guys offer for the generous prices that you do. I'll be buying her wedding band from as well. I wish much more success to all of you at Topazery. Thank you again.

J.B. from Florida, USA

Contemporary Ring with Marquise Sapphires and Diamonds

I just wanted you to know that I am wearing my beautiful ring right now and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much for all of your help.

M.N. from New York, USA

Aquamarine Filigree Engagement Ring

You have a lot of great rings and I think you are on the edge of something that is only going to grow as word gets out and folks see them. The filigree makes a choice much more personal than a stone on a band.

D.J. from New York, USA

1930s Cabachon Star Sapphire Antique Ring

Thank you for your timely responses and really nice customer service.

K.R. from Washington, USA

Antique Engagement Ring with Old European Cut Diamonds

Thank you for having the perfect ring for her! I will highly recommend your site, you are very professional and extremely helpful with all of my questions. I cant thank you enough.

T.B. from Indiana, USA

Aquamarine Filigree Engagement Ring

I just received the ring in the mail and it's very beautiful.

S.J. from Colorado, USA

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