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Egyptian Revival Bangle Bracelet

I just received the bracelet and it's really beautiful and perfect! I'm wearing it right now, right out of the box. It also fits perfectly.Thank you.

L.L from Arizona, USA

1945 Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring

Just wanted to let you know the ring was fabulous! Thanks for all your help!

K.K. from Washington, USA

Filigree and Diamond Wedding Ring

Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for carrying such a beautiful ring. It's gorgeous and will be cherished for a lifetime.

Y.V. from New York, USA

Filigree and Diamond Engagment Ring

Hello Topazery friends -- I got engaged last week. My fiance picked out this beautiful antique style engagement ring. I could not be happier! It is absolutely beautiful, and fits perfectly. He said the ordering process was easy and hassle free, and it shipped out and was received quickly. I am thrilled to have this ring on my finger for many years to come!

Jessica from Connecticut, USA

Victorian Rose Gold and Diamond Bracelet

I just wanted to let you know that I received my diamond bracelet and I love it! It's beautiful!!! Thank you very much for attaching the safety chain to it.

L.L. from Arizona, USA

Victorian Engagement RIng


Just got my ring today, and it is wonderful! We had already found a Victorian 18k wedding band from the same period, and the engagement ring matches the band beautifully! We couldn't be happier. I was very surprised at how much easier it was looking for such a personal and intimate item online. And even more pleased at how it suits my hand. The fact that both pieces are original, have had their own lives and been at the heart of other relationships is something we both value. I wasn't originally looking at rings from the Victorian era, but I suppose sometimes when something is right, it just finds you.

Thank you for being very helpful, and ensuring that the shipping to Canada was so seamless.

S.H. from Ontario, Canada

Simply Elegant Ruby and Diamond Ring

Hi, I want to thank you for the gorgeous ruby ring I purchased for my daughter on her 17th birthday. She is very particular about jewelry and was concerned to learn I had purchased a ring for her before she saw it. But when she opened the box, she loved it! It is elegant but simple. I knew she wanted a ruby ring but was not impressed with the ruby rings I saw anywhere. Then I remembered Topazery. Your site offers some of the most unique jewelry I've ever seen.

Her ring is beautiful and will remind her of the summer she turned 17 every time she looks at it. Thank you for helping me make this birthday memorable.

P.S. from Washington, USA

7 Stone Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum

Hi Topazery folks, I just wanted to let you know I've been married for about two weeks now, and I love my ring, and I get many compliments on it too. (We bought it from you last fall and it's been waiting in my drawer for the actual wedding!) It looks perfect with my engagement ring (even though that ring is from the 20s and the ring I bought from you is from the 50s). It's incredibly comfortable and incredibly beautiful and the perfect size. If you would like a testimonial, feel free to use this one: I would recommend that anyone who's shopping for an estate wedding or engagement ring shouldn't hesitate to try shopping with you. Thank you so much!

J.T. from NY, USA

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