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Cool website. Makes me want to get married just so I could buy a ring.

M.B. from North Carolina, USA

You've achieved a very professional site with some beautiful pieces, and your photographs and comments add a presence of personality not found in many sites - not to mention the feeling of 'I can trust the claims made at this site' the personal touches add. Congratulations for creating such an inviting site to spend time.

A.B. from California, USA

I found one of your biggest fans. I told a friend about your website, and she is on it all the time, even though she hasn't bought anything. We were at a party and she could recount all these pieces in her head from your website. Later, I showed her the new website and she likes it. She couldn't figure out which category one of the pieces had been moved to in the new site, so i showed her the search, and she brought it right up that way. And she really likes shopping by pics. She loves your colors, she loves the way you write about the jewelry (not pushy and salesmansy, and she thinks your interest in the pieces comes through), and I showed her the testimonials tonight and she really liked reading them and seeing the pictures. She loves jewelry, but she really loves your website and just likes browsing and shopping in it. You are doing a great job!

S.W. from North Carolina, USA

 ►|  12 13 14

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