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Filigree and Diamond Wedding Band

Good morning!

I picked up my ring on Friday and first of all I want to let you know that I've never written a 'review' type email. My ring is perfect! Exactly like the photos and it is a perfect match to my engagement ring!

I can't believe how fast your team sized it and shipped it all the way to Canada! No issues with customs or anything! Thank you so much! After waiting over a year looking for the right wedding band I am so glad we waited and found one with Topazery - the quality and detail are a perfect!! We were so nervous buying jewelry online (especially without PayPal), but we will definitely be customers again someday!

Thank you so very much!!

J.D. from Alberta, Canada

Floral Wedding Band with Diamonds

I just got my wedding ring in the mail and it's beautiful! It's exactly what I wanted! I want to thank you so much for answering all of my questions and making the ordering process go so smoothly. I highly recommend your website to others.

A.A. from California, USA

Cathedral Style Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Gave her the ring this morning and it fit perfectly. The ring is gorgeous and she loves it.

M.S. from Georgia, USA

Antique Diamond Cocktail Ring

Wow...I just received the beautiful ring! Stunning is an understatement!

K.G. from Texas, USA

1950s Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

My now-fiancee combed the Topazery website looking for antique rings. She wanted something elegant and unique....something from a different era. The ring that caught her gaze and eventually became her engagement ring came from Topazery. Topazery proved excellent to work with and went over and beyond in responding to questions in a timely fashion throughout the purchasing process. I have nothing but glowing compliments for Topazery. I plan on using Topazery again for future purchases and will recommend them to friends and family.

M.B. from Georgia, USA

Diamond Engagement and Wedding Bridal Set

Got the rings! They are beautiful! She will love them, thanks so much!

M.R. from Oregon, USA

Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring

My wonderful boyfriend (now fiance!) just proposed to me on Valentine's Day weekend. Aquamarine is my favorite stone and he knows that I love vintage jewelry, so he was romantic and thoughtful enough to get my gorgeous ring from Topazery. We are both very satisfied with this ring and feel that its beauty and individuality is a tribute to our love and our impending marriage.

E.G. from New York, USA

Antique Carved Wedding Ring

I got the ring! It's perfect.

A.H. from Colorado, USA

Sapphire Engagement Ring with Flower Motif

I just wanted to thank you for how wonderful you and your company have been during this process of getting this ring.... you have done everything that you promised to do. I am tracking the ring now. Thank you so much for all you've done.

M.H. from Oklahoma, USA

Cushion Cut Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

Take it from a guy that doesn't know anything about engagement rings. The ring is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.... A million thanks to you.

M.C. from New York, USA

Antique Style Aquamarine Engagement Ring

My fiance had actually been waiting for this ring to not be sold out since I found it and showed it to him over a year ago. He contacted Topazery asking if they could start selling it again or do a custom order and within a few weeks my ring was in the mail. The photos truly do not do it justice. This ring is absolutely unique. It's like nothing else I've ever seen. I could not be happier with it and have been so proud to show it off to everyone. It's perfect for my style and personality. I still can't believe it's actually mine and I get to wear it everyday. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful piece of art that I get to carry around on my finger.

J.C. from California, USA

Art Nouveau Turtle Motif Antique Ring

Thank you, again, for making this special ring available. The turtle hopped out of your beautiful sky blue presentation box as spring arrived on Saturday afternoon and was welcomed with laughter and delight. A short chorus of the song "You can't hurry love, you just have to wait" (like a turtle crossing the beach toward the sea) was sung and the recipient's trained eye (she's a geologist) observed the sapphire's asterism and the glint of diamond facets at almost every light source and every viewing angle available. Snippets of folklore about the world riding on the turtle's back and other wonderful stories of longevity and good luck were shared as the first sun of spring slipped below the horizon. The tag has been removed -- the turtle is happily riding upon a joyful hand.

D.H. from Alabama, USA

Aquamarine Filigree Engagement Ring

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. My fiance and I both love the ring. She's had her heart set on it for 2 months now. We are very happy to have purchased it from Topazery. No one else has what you guys offer for the generous prices that you do. I'll be buying her wedding band from Topazery.com as well. I wish much more success to all of you at Topazery. Thank you again.

J.B. from Florida, USA

Contemporary Ring with Marquise Sapphires and Diamonds

I just wanted you to know that I am wearing my beautiful ring right now and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much for all of your help.

M.N. from New York, USA

Aquamarine Filigree Engagement Ring

You have a lot of great rings and I think you are on the edge of something that is only going to grow as word gets out and folks see them. The filigree makes a choice much more personal than a stone on a band.

D.J. from New York, USA

1930s Cabachon Star Sapphire Antique Ring

Thank you for your timely responses and really nice customer service.

K.R. from Washington, USA

Antique Engagement Ring with Old European Cut Diamonds

Thank you for having the perfect ring for her! I will highly recommend your site, you are very professional and extremely helpful with all of my questions. I cant thank you enough.

T.B. from Indiana, USA

Aquamarine Filigree Engagement Ring

I just received the ring in the mail and it's very beautiful.

S.J. from Colorado, USA

Egyptian Revival Bangle Bracelet

I just received the bracelet and it's really beautiful and perfect! I'm wearing it right now, right out of the box. It also fits perfectly.Thank you.

L.L from Arizona, USA

1945 Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring

Just wanted to let you know the ring was fabulous! Thanks for all your help!

K.K. from Washington, USA

Filigree and Diamond Wedding Ring

Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for carrying such a beautiful ring. It's gorgeous and will be cherished for a lifetime.

Y.V. from New York, USA

Filigree and Diamond Engagment Ring

Hello Topazery friends -- I got engaged last week. My fiance picked out this beautiful antique style engagement ring. I could not be happier! It is absolutely beautiful, and fits perfectly. He said the ordering process was easy and hassle free, and it shipped out and was received quickly. I am thrilled to have this ring on my finger for many years to come!

Jessica from Connecticut, USA

Victorian Rose Gold and Diamond Bracelet

I just wanted to let you know that I received my diamond bracelet and I love it! It's beautiful!!! Thank you very much for attaching the safety chain to it.

L.L. from Arizona, USA

Victorian Engagement RIng


Just got my ring today, and it is wonderful! We had already found a Victorian 18k wedding band from the same period, and the engagement ring matches the band beautifully! We couldn't be happier. I was very surprised at how much easier it was looking for such a personal and intimate item online. And even more pleased at how it suits my hand. The fact that both pieces are original, have had their own lives and been at the heart of other relationships is something we both value. I wasn't originally looking at rings from the Victorian era, but I suppose sometimes when something is right, it just finds you.

Thank you for being very helpful, and ensuring that the shipping to Canada was so seamless.

S.H. from Ontario, Canada

Simply Elegant Ruby and Diamond Ring

Hi, I want to thank you for the gorgeous ruby ring I purchased for my daughter on her 17th birthday. She is very particular about jewelry and was concerned to learn I had purchased a ring for her before she saw it. But when she opened the box, she loved it! It is elegant but simple. I knew she wanted a ruby ring but was not impressed with the ruby rings I saw anywhere. Then I remembered Topazery. Your site offers some of the most unique jewelry I've ever seen.

Her ring is beautiful and will remind her of the summer she turned 17 every time she looks at it. Thank you for helping me make this birthday memorable.

P.S. from Washington, USA

7 Stone Diamond Wedding Band in Platinum

Hi Topazery folks, I just wanted to let you know I've been married for about two weeks now, and I love my ring, and I get many compliments on it too. (We bought it from you last fall and it's been waiting in my drawer for the actual wedding!) It looks perfect with my engagement ring (even though that ring is from the 20s and the ring I bought from you is from the 50s). It's incredibly comfortable and incredibly beautiful and the perfect size. If you would like a testimonial, feel free to use this one: I would recommend that anyone who's shopping for an estate wedding or engagement ring shouldn't hesitate to try shopping with you. Thank you so much!

J.T. from NY, USA

Classic 1950's Wedding Ring

L.B. from Utah, USA

Arts and Crafts Antique Necklace

The package arrived just fine. She was surprised and didn't hesitate in removing the tag. Thanks and Happy New Year!

B.K. from Georgia, USA

Floral Aquamarine and Diamond Bridal Set

This is to let you guys at Topazery know that I am extremely pleased with the rings that I've ordered from Topazery. My yet-to-be fiancee was so happy to see the rings that she couldn't stop smiling and kissing me :) Great thanks to all the staff who responded to my numerous emails and the master jewelers who expertly sized the rings. Not forgetting the owner Jan Walden for selecting the great rings! Well done!

T.C.E from Singapore

Amethyst Antique Victorian Engagement Ring

The ring arrived this morning. I am extremely grateful for your efforts in ensuring the packaged arrived on time. Many thanks and kind regards.

P.P. from London, England

Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Pierced Motif

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with my purchase from your website. When I saw this ring, I just knew it was the one. She wanted something that didn't have a diamond center and was a little more unique than your standard run of the mill engagement ring. Well, this surpassed all my expectations. She loved it very much. Communication with you guys was a breeze. Shipping was very fast and packaged securely. And your website gives so much detail and high quality pictures. It is really just as good as buying an item in a local retail store. In some instances, I actually felt more informed and sure with my purchase. Thanks again for all your help.

S.H. from Texas, USA

Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring is amazing! I absolutely love it, and everyone compliments it. As other customers have mentioned, the ring looks even more gorgeous in person! My Fiance and I could not be more happy with it. Thank you!

A.D. & M.G. from Texas, USA

Late Edwardian Antique Filigree Engagement Ring

Just wanted to let you guys know that when I received my antique engagement ring in the mail it was even better than in the photos. My fiance loved it and has gotten so many compliments on it. It is an heirloom that we can now pass down through the years. Thanks again for all that you did and I will tell many, many friends about your store.

K.D. from Texas, USA

Victorian 3 Stone Opal Antique Ring

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for so carefully resizing and shipping the Victorian 3 Stone Opal Antique Ring I purchased recently from you. I couldn't wait until I got home and ended up tearing into the package in the UPS parking lot, giggling at your meticulous box-within-a-box wrapping the entire time. When I finally got into the pretty blue Topazery box and saw my ring...oh my! It's a perfect little ring - delicate, pristine, and gorgeous. I have been wanting to buy myself a vintage ring for some time, and am so pleased with the choice I made and the effortless online purchasing process. Your website is awesome. The detailed photos and descriptions were spot-on; I knew exactly what I was getting and had absolutely no surprises. Also, despite my ring being a tenth as expensive as many of your other pieces, you still delivered fast and impeccable service.

I could not be happier. Thanks again!

S.P from Minnesota, USA

Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Thank you for everything, the ring arrived. I will refer you to others, your service is truly a good one. Thanks again! Can't wait for "the day". Take care.

R.M. from Puerto Rico

Estate Diamond Engagement Ring

THANK YOU !!!! I just received the ring and it is so perfect! It's even cuter in real life than in the photos online. And the Topazery packaging is absolutely beautiful! I will be sure to tell all of my friends about your great site and fantastic customer service. This is such perfect timing; I can't thank you all enough. Thank you, thank you!

A.B. from New York, USA

1940s Sapphire Antique Engagement Ring

The ring is AMAZING! Thank you so much! We couldn't be any happier! It's even more gorgeous in person than the pictures! Thank you for all the help you have provided us in our search for the perfect engagement ring! We look forward to making more purchases in the future from Topazery.

J.F and V.F. from Virginia, USA

Classic Aquamarine Antique Engagement Ring

I received the ring today. It's beautiful! Thanks for getting it out here so quickly.

A.D. from California, USA

RG2398 Mark Silverstein Pink Diamond Eternity Band

Just wanted to let you know that my ring arrived safely this morning. Its very beatiful. Thank you for your quick service.

K.R. from Pennsylvania, USA

Antique Platinum and Diamond Bridal Set

We just wanted to say thanks for your promptness in sending us the ring. We love it. It's perfect, the size and everything. We love your collection as well and we will definitely recommend your site for antique jewelry.

K.G. from Illinois, USA

Romantic Diamond Engagement Ring

It's truly stunning, thank you so much....I will definitely be recommending you to others!

V. L. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Antique Style Sapphire Engagement Ring

I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of me. The ring was packaged beautifully and arrived earlier in the day than expected. It's gorgeous! I know she'll love it.

M.C. from Massachusettes, USA

Antique Platinum Aquamarine Ring

I'm finally getting around to dropping you a line to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful ring you sent to us before Christmas. It is actually going to be my eternity ring - I didn't want a band with diamonds in it as my wedding band is just like that - I wanted a ring for my right hand, to stand alone. To be honest, the idea of an antique ring never even entered my head until I went online and came across your website, completely by accident. It is by far the most comprehensive and detailed site I have visited and believe me, I've visited a lot! The pictures are amazing and true to life - however, nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of my ring in real life. Every female member of my family (and my friends) are green with envy!! There is no way we would have found something comparable here in Ireland. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much indeed for all of your help - you got the ring to us by Christmas - I don't know how you did it, but you did! It was such a pleasure to deal with someone who genuinely wants to please their customers and every time I put down the phone after speaking to you, I commented to my husband that you were such a lovely person to speak to and I got the impression that you were completely dependable. The entire experience is one that I will cherish forever and the culmination was a gasp when I saw the real deal - honestly, words cannot describe it!!

I would very highly recommend your site to anyone, anywhere. I have already forwarded your details to everyone on my mailing list and if I ever want something special again in the future, I will most definitely be back to you. Thank you again, most sincerely, and the very best of luck for the future. You've made an Irish woman very happy!!!

T.M and G.M, from Adare, Limerick, Ireland

Retro Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring

I wanted to express my sincerest thanks - this is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I've ever seen, and I am so proud to own it.

I had seen the ring months ago, and was very disappointed to recently find out that it had been sold. I was crushed - it was the sweetest ring I had ever seen, and I couldn't imagine someone else wearing it. It's embarrassing to admit, but I almost cried when I saw it was gone.

You can imagine my surprise and delight when my beau asked to marry me and presented me this very ring - I couldn't believe it. In addition to being stunned, swept off my feet, and indescribably happy to be marrying my best friend, I was so touched that he knew this ring was just me. I would love to find out more about it, if that is possible. It truly is a treasure.

Thanks, a million thanks.

G.B. from New York, USA

Ruby Engagement Ring by Mark Silverstein

G.P from Illinois, USA

Contemporary Sapphire Ring by David DeAtley

I wanted to let you know that I safely received the David DeAtley sapphire ring. This piece is beautiful and I am very happy with it!

I've visited your website for the last year or two, and have always been impressed with the great collection, and your very classy promotions for the jewelry. You're using excellent photos, the site is easy to navigate, and has never confused or overwhelmed me (other sites have). It's one of the best antique jewelry websites I've explored. I was additionally delighted by your great presentation using the custom ring box and ribbon. You're promoting your business with great finesse and eye for detail!

Thanks for the great buying experience and top-quality product! I hope to have opportunities to recommend you to my friends.

J.S. from Washington, USA

Platinum and Diamond Antique Engagement Ring

It is with heartfelt thanks that we send this letter, letting you know that the ring that will announce our engagement arrived to-day. It was like opening a well-wrapped treasure chest. The packaging was multiple layers, assuring a safe trip.

Everyone wants something unique, and we were no different. The description for this piece included a comment about it "appearing as radiant as a constellation in a star-lit sky." We are star gazers...watching meteor showers and generally looking at the heavens and finding Casseopia, The Pleiades cluster, and others. That meant something.

We met on eHarmony, celebrating our 3rd anniversary at the end of next month. This ring is a beautiful way for us to take that next step as we plan our future. Its condition, craftsmanship and quality were three good reasons to select it, along with the fact that it is just a beautiful ring.

Your website is stellar. We liked the fact that you show the rings on a mannequin hand. That makes it so easy to see its size in realationship to the finger. No other site took time to do that, and it's another example of attention to detail that makes your site stand out from others.

All this to say thanks. Thank you for giving us a unique way to celebrate our engagement with a one of a kind ring that will grow more dear as the years pass.

P.Y. and P.L. from Ohio, USA

Antique Emerald Engagement Ring in Platinum

Thank you.. I just got the ring... it is perfect! Very clean and beautiful... I really appreciate your help and service.

D. V. from Massachusettes, USA

Beverley K Diamond Wedding Ring

B.H. from Maryland, USA

1940s Antique Sapphire Engagement Ring

S.W. from Rhode Island, USA

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