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Vintage Style Engagement Ring with Infinity Symbols

In this new vintage-inspired engagement ring, a glittering trail of sixteen round diamonds leads to a magical place: a shimmering aquamarine sits perched atop infinity symbols cast in 18k white gold. Like a magic droplet of water, the limpid blue stone is flanked on either side by the gleam of triangular diamonds. With ornate detailing, and a delicately rounded shape, this elegant ring appears to inflate with air and light.



Vintage Style Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Ice crystals drip down the sides of this vintage style engagement ring's enchanting "blue moon" aquamarine. The round aquamarine has a soft blue glow. It is flanked by collections of baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds. An 18k white gold setting provides a cool back splash to this icy cluster of stones. This vintage style engagement ring is new. Details: Vintage style (new). 18k white gold. Straight and tapered baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.64 carats. Round aquamarine; 0.82 carats.



Aquamarine Bridal Rings Set

This matching aquamarine engagement ring and diamond wedding band combo embraces the finger in non-stop sparkle. Matching diamonds half encircle the bands of this bridal rings set. The engagement ring is accented with an aquamarine solitaire at its center. The wedding band rests snugly atop the engagement ring. A white gold setting adds to the icy radiance of this matched pair. Details: Antique style (new). 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.60 carats. Round aquamarine; 1.02 carats.



Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo

The hypnotic glow of the azure seas radiates from this aquamarine engagement ring. Bluer than the bluest seas, this vintage style ring's aquamarine captivates from every angle. A cushion style diamond halo surrounds the gemstone in dewy radiance. The 18k white gold band of this aquamarine engagement ring is polished to a flawless sheen. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.09 carats. Round aquamarine; 0.33 carats.



Edwardian Aquamarine Antique Ring

Figure eights skate down this antique ring's shoulders, softening the edges of its alluringly angular aquamarine. The pierced setting of this Edwardian aquamarine ring contrasts the geometric bluntness of the centerpiece gemstone. The scroll motif that meanders throughout the gold band blissfully juxtaposes with the coolness and sharp corners of the hexagonal aquamarine. Details: Antique. Edwardian. Circa 1920. 14k yellow gold. Hexagonal aquamarine; 2.43 carats. Moore and Son hallmark.



Art Deco Antique Ring with Aquamarine and Filigree

An elongated golden hexagon frames this Art Deco ring's masterpiece aquamarine. Lovely and limpid, the aquamarine that is showcased in this antique filigree ring shimmers pale blue iridescence. The gold mounting it is nestled in is intriguingly set on the horizontal. The setting's bezel edging combines with the band's pierced petals and etched leaves to make this ring an artistic tour de force. Details: Antique. Art Deco. Circa 1920 or later. 14k yellow gold. Emerald faceted mixed cut aquamarine; 1.82 carats.



Vintage Style Engagement Ring with Aquamarine

Round brilliant cut diamonds snuggle close to this vintage style engagement ring's aquamarine. A pair of diamonds nestles on the sides of the aquamarine, giving it triple-stone appeal. The antique style setting combines soft swirls with angular edges. These contrasting features draw additional attention to the finger. A collection of smaller diamonds makes this engagement ring sparkle from every direction. Details: Vintage Style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.31 carats. Aquamarine; 0.51 carats.



Aquamarine Engagement Ring with a Scalloped Band

Diamonds swirl in an infinity design down the band of this vintage style aquamarine engagement ring. The overall effect is one of infinite captivation. The meandering diamonds lure the eye to the round greenish blue aquamarine at the center. Love and beauty spring eternal in vintage style engagement rings like this one. Details: Vintage Style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.74 carats. Aquamarine; 1.19 carats.



Vintage Aquamarine Ring with Orange Blossom Motif

A mix of white and yellow gold provide an alluring backsplash for this vintage ring's marquise aquamarine. Orange blossoms flutter around the setting and down the shoulders of the band of this vintage ring. A white gold integrated mounting offers metallic contrast. The marquise cut aquamarine that bursts from the center is bezel set and shines with just a hint of green against its lovely blue saturation. Details: Vintage. Circa 1960. 14k yellow gold. Marquise cut aquamarine; 5.73 carats.



Aquamarine Floral Engagement Ring

Diamond studded leaves accent the shoulders of this antique style aquamarine engagement ring. The 18k white gold band of this engagement ring sparkles with 0.30 carats of diamonds. A total of twenty-six round brilliant cut diamonds accentuate the enchanting floral and leaf motif that meanders down the sides. Rising from this garden oasis is a round aquamarine that weighs 0.73 carats. This is a vintage style (new) aquamarine engagement ring.



Vintage Platinum Aquamarine Engagement Ring

The aquamarine that highlights this vintage engagement ring shimmers like the sea. Four diamonds on the shoulders of this aquamarine engagement ring add radiance to the polished band. Details: Vintage. Circa 1930 or later. Platinum. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.30 carats. Round cut aquamarine; 1.83 carats.



Aquamarine Antique Engagement Ring

The Art Deco mounting of this antique aquamarine engagement ring wraps the finger in Old World lace. Fancy floral and filigree work adds femininity to the band of this antique engagement ring. The metallic lacework culminates in a hexagonal top setting that cradles a round aquamarine. Details: Antique, Art Deco. Circa 1920. 18k white gold. Round aquamarine, 0.37 carats.



Asscher Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Diamonds accents add a special touch on the under bezel of this Asscher cut aquamarine engagement ring. A sleek design and diamonds set on the shoulders show off a greenish blue aquamarine. The total diamond weight in this aquamarine engagement ring is 0.17 carats. This is a new vintage style aquamarine engagement ring from the Topazery Collection.



Aquamarine Engagement and Wedding Ring

WOW! This matching vintage style aquamarine engagement ring and matching band give non-stop radiance to the finger. The engagement ring holds 0.52 carat round aquamarine. A collection of fifty-two round full cut diamonds further accentuates the engagement and wedding rings. The total combined diamond weight of these two bridal rings is 0.52 carats. This is vintage style aquamarine engagement ring and wedding ring set.



Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Floral Motif

Vintage aquamarine engagement rings like this one remind us of bluebells. And according to legend, bluebells are the flowers of the fairies. As if sprinkled with fairy dust, the 14k white gold band of this vintage engagement ring is adorned with flowers. A round faceted mixed cut aquamarine ascends from the carved floral effusion of the vintage band. Pedestal set, in a 6 prong basket head, this aquamarine gemstone weighs 0.79 carats. This vintage aquamarine engagement ring has a soft and feminine appeal. Circa 1930 or later.



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