What a Vintage Style Wedding Ring says about You

Antique Style Wedding Rings

You've bought the wedding rings; now all that's left is to say the "I do's." If a vintage style wedding ring is what you plan to exchange your marriage vows with, Topazery congratulates you on making a lovely choice. As an antique style wedding ring wearer, we bet a least a few of these personality traits will resonate with you.

Trait #1: "I like to make a statement--and often a bold one--with my jewelry." You don't play by the rules. There's no way you're going to go out of the house looking like everyone else, let alone looking like just another bride walking down the aisle.


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Swirling Diamond Wedding Ring

A complimentary and equally delightful pattern of scrolls and swirls threads down the shoulders of this vintage style wedding ring.


Floral and Filigree Wedding Ring

Millgrain trimmed butterfly wings flap and flutter, casting mesmerizing iridescence in this floral and filigree wedding ring.


Antique Style Filigree Wedding Ring

A paisley filigree design accented with round full cut diamonds adorns this matching wedding band for engagement ring style RG-2567.


Vintage Style Wedding Ring

A babbling brook of diamonds wends its way halfway around the band of this vintage style wedding ring.


Vintage Style Wedding Ring with Sapphires

A streamer of blue sapphires and diamonds unfurls across the band of this vintage style wedding ring.


Vintage Style Wedding Ring with Filigree

Diamonds, mille grain and fancy cutwork join forces in this filigree and diamond vintage style wedding ring.


Swirling Diamond Wedding Ring

The swirling Vs that highlight this diamond wedding ring have a playful quality about them.


Wedding Ring with Baguette Cut Diamonds

Like it's matching engagement ring, this vintage style wedding ring is draped in festive streamers of gold and diamonds.


Matching Wedding Band for RG2955

An 18k white gold vintage style wedding ring curves to fit the bezel of its matching engagement ring, style RG-2955


Paisley and Filigree Diamond Wedding Band

Paisley filigree swirls and mille grain enhance the design of vintage style wedding rings like this one.


Filigree and Diamond Vintage Style Wedding Ring

Elegant sophistication is yours in this princess-inspired filigree and diamond vintage style wedding ring.


Vintage Style Wedding Ring with Infinity Motif

This vintage style wedding ring with infinity motif curves ever so slightly to fit its matching engagement ring.


Vintage Style Wedding Ring with Leaf Motif

Delicate filigree in a leafy scroll pattern is accented by mille grain on this vintage style wedding ring. The band is curved ever-so-slightly to nestle against its matching engagement ring style RG3345.


Diamond Wedding Ring with Vine and Leaf Motif

This antique style wedding ring, with vine and leaf motif, wraps the finger in a glittering garden array of vines and leaves.


Vintage Style Wedding Ring

A simple band gets fancied up in this vintage style wedding ring.


5 Stone Vintage Style Wedding Ring

Five diamond stepping stones bridge the shimmering span of this vintage style wedding ring.


Diamond Wedding Ring in the Vintage Style

Diamond teardrops and circles wind their way around this vintage style wedding ring.


Vintage Style Wedding Ring

This wedding ring is intricately carved in filigreed chevrons and paisley swirls. It is slightly curved to fit against its matching engagement ring style RG-2802.


Diamond Wedding Ring

Thirteen diamonds in a shared prong design make a glittering statement on her wedding ring finger.


Wedding Ring for Engagement Ring Style RG-3306

This is the matching wedding ring for engagement ring style RG-3306.


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Continued from above ... "What a Vintage Style Wedding Ring Says about You"

Trait #2: "I couldn't care less about brands." If you were to walk the celebrity red carpet and were asked the proverbial "Who are you wearing?" you wouldn't have a clue. You think of jewelry as art and you know what you like when you see it. Who designed it? Who cares? All that matters is that it catches your eye. The same is definitely true of your antique style wedding ring.

Trait #3: "I have a sense of timeliness about me." You're not part of the throwaway mentality. You believe things--like wedding rings--are meant to last in the same way you believe that marriage vows are forever.

Trait #4: "I'm a romantic at heart." Maybe you watched your grandparents' love affair last for decades and you vowed your marriage would be just like theirs. Perhaps you like strolling vintage shops and imagining the romance behind your favorite jewelry pieces. Whatever fuels your vintage style wedding ring attraction, there's a hint of sentimentality and hopeless romanticism behind it.

Trait #5: "I honor traditions but I'm drawn to things that are uniquely me too." You're an interesting blend of old and new. You might be wearing your mother's wedding gown, or at least have drawn inspiration from it. You want your wedding day to give a nod to the past but you don't want it to be a mirror image of yesteryear. You believe there's room for a modern touch (hence the antique style wedding ring as opposed to an antique one), even if you do embrace all the traditional aspects. Your big day will likely be a harmonious blend of the past, present, and future.

So how'd we do? How many of these vintage style wedding ring characteristics do you identify with? No matter which vintage style wedding ring you choose, we hope it's a true reflection of who you are.

Antique and Vintage Style Wedding Rings

The wedding ring is given by the groom to his bride on their wedding day. Depending on tradition, a woman wears her wedding ring on the fourth finger of her left hand [in the USA, UK, or Brazil] or on the right hand [in most other countries]. If you're looking for a new wedding ring that is reminiscent of the past, our antique style and vintage style wedding rings are a perfect way to seal your vows. Each ring has been hand-selected because it represents the old world charm you expect from a Topazery jewelry piece. Antique style wedding rings and vintage style wedding rings look and feel just like wedding rings from the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Edwardian, or Retro jewelry eras.


The stones adorning our collection of vintage style wedding rings and antique style wedding rings range from traditional diamond accents to precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and citrines, to name a few. Filigree and open cutwork are just some of the fine detailing you'll notice in Topazery's fine selection of antique and vintage wedding rings. You'll find platinum, white, yellow as well as rose gold wedding rings. If she wants a new wedding band that evokes the elegance and romanticism of days gone by, then an antique or vintage style wedding ring will steal her heart.

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