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Aquamarine Vintage Style Pendant

A greenish blue aquamarine glimmers amidst a sea of diamond sparkle in this vintage style pendant. Add sparkle to your neckline when you slip this aquamarine pendant on a neck chain. Constructed of 18k white gold, this pendant is accented top to bottom with a collection of 119 round full cut diamonds for a total diamond weight of 0.48 carats. A 0.72 carat round faceted mixed cut aquamarine is set in the center of the diamonds. This is a new vintage jewelry pendant.



Diamond Vintage Cross in the Art Deco Style

The shining brilliance of this diamond cross in the Art Deco style is an angelic vision straight from heaven. Straight and streamlined with fancy coronet points, this Art Deco style vintage cross is made of platinum. A round full cut diamond is set at the center, with a collection of ten rose and table cut diamonds lending additional radiance. The combined weight of all the diamonds is 0.12 carats. Circa 1980 or later



Antique Art Deco Filigree Brooch

This antique Art Deco jewelry brooch will remind you of those romantic, lacy tablecloths that adorned Grandmother's dinner table. Made of 14k white gold, the delicate filigree work of this Art Deco antique brooch lends a dainty touch to your outfit. Four square set old style full cut diamonds accent the filigreeing for a total diamond weight of 0.28 carats. Four triangular step cut blue sapphires pinpoint the corners of this Art Deco jewelry piece lending a gemstone weight of 0.16 carats. Circa 1920



Topazery Vintage Collection Diamond Pendant

This antique style 1930s diamond pendant has the romantic appeal of a heart-shaped grapevine wreath with dew-dusted roses tucked amongst its branches. The 14k white gold setting of this antique style pendant pendant is accented with an open-weave heart and is rimmed with swirling curlicues and textured edging. The outer trim is highlighted with a collection of seven round full cut diamonds for a total diamond weight of 0.29 carats. This is a new, hand-finished diamond pendant in the 1930s antique style. From the Topazery "Vintage" Collection.



Sapphire and Filigree Vintage Cross

Like a dreamcatcher, the finely detailed filigree work of this Edwardian style cross captures your attention and never lets go. This lovely Edwardian style sapphire and filigree vintage cross adds a lacy, feminine touch to your neckline. The filigree is constructed of platinum-veneered 18k yellow gold. Each of this cross's four points is set with a marquise-shaped faceted mixed cut blue sapphire. A collection of old style single, rose and table cut diamonds thread through the filigree. The gemstone weight of this vintage jewelry piece is 0.16 carats and the diamond weight is 0.12 carats. Circa 1980 or later



Antique Edwardian Brooch

Intricate filigree work in 14k white gold lends appeal to this antique Edwardian diamond filigree brooch. An old style round brilliant cut diamond is set in the center of this antique brooch, while four old European cut diamonds serve as shimmering accents down the middle of this Edwardian jewelry piece. The total diamond weight of the five diamonds that accentuate antique Edwardian brooches like this one is 0.54 carats. Circa 1920



Handwrought Ruby and Diamond Vintage Cross

You'll think of morning dew droplets slowly descending from rose petals when you wear this handwrought ruby and diamond vintage jewelry cross. The open-weave construction of this platinum clad 18k yellow gold cross with heart-shaped tips is light and airy. This handcrafted cross is centered with a round brilliant cut diamond that is pinwheeeled with four rectangular faceted step cut rubies for a combined gemstone weight of 0.08 carats. A collection of fourteen rose cut diamonds further enhance this cross for a total diamond weight of 0.27 carats. This is a handwrought ruby and filigree vintage cross in the 1930s style.



Quartz and Diamond Vintage Pendant

This quartz and diamond vintage pendant is like one of the ornate doorknockers that might have heralded visitors to Dickensian front entryways. Done in a hexagonal shape, the precious metal portion of this vintage pendant is carved in an eclectic mix of elements. The domed top culminates in a fleur de lis. Hanging suspended in the center is a lace-trimmed square set round single cut diamond. A calf's head tablet natural quartz with starburst provides the backdrop for vintage jewelry pendants like this one. Circa 1932



Edwardian Pearl and Diamond Brooch

This Edwardian pearl and diamond brooch has the fresh appeal of a lilypad path leading across a sparkling pond. A quintet of old style full cut diamond-centered circles run down this Edwardian jewelry piece for a total diamond weight of 0.37 carats. Natural Oriental pearls are interspersed between the diamond rings and caged in triplets at the tails of this antique brooch. Circa 1910



Edwardian Antique Diamond Brooch

Old European cut diamonds cover this Edwardian brooch lending maximum shimmer and shine. Constructed of platinum on 18k white gold, this Edwardian antique brooch can be worn either vertically or horizontally. Nineteen old European cut diamonds accent this antique brooch for a total diamond weight of 0.86 carats. Circa 1900



Victorian Ruby and Diamond Antique Brooch

When a delicate finishing touch is what your outfit needs, this Victorian ruby and diamond antique brooch will never disappoint. The 14k yellow gold setting of this Victorian jewelry piece is texturally enhanced with ribbing and a twisted rope design. The center third of this antique brooch is accented with a collection of rubies and diamonds for contrasting gemstone appeal. Three emerald cut rubies alternate with four old European cut diamonds. The diamonds total 0.16 carats while the rubies lend 0.23 carats of gemstone weight. Circa 1900



Victorian Pearl and Diamond Stick Pin

This Victorian pearl and diamond stick pin, in a twisted 18k yellow gold corkscrew design, is elegantly sophisticated. The silver white round pearl and old European cut diamonds that accent this Victorian antique stick pin lend contrasting flavor to the yellow gold setting. Totaling 0.17 carats, the diamonds accentuating this antique pin range in color from H to I and in clarity form VS1 to SI1. Circa 1910



Victorian Antique Crescent Brooch

Fall over the moon in love with this Victorian crescent antique brooch. Set in 18k yellow gold and topped with platinum, this Victorian antique brooch is set with twenty-one old European cut diamonds. Ranging in color from H to J and in clarity from VVS2 to SI2, the diamonds accentuating this Victorian jewelry piece total 1.22 carats. Circa 1895.



Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Pin

Sapphire and diamond Edwardian brooches add a touch of femininity and a splash of color to your favorite 'little black dress.' This Edwardian antique pin's diamond-accented floral motif is particularly soft and romantic. The forty-four old style full and single cut diamonds that accentuate this Edwardian jewelry piece total 0.86 carats of diamond weight. Thirty triangular and rectangular calibre cut blue sapphires vividly edge this antique pin. The sapphires add 1.00 carat of gemstone weight to the pin. Circa 1920.



Edwardian Filigree Antique Pin

The Edwardian period's signature lacy cutwork is showcased in this antique filigree brooch. A diagonal streak of blue sapphires offers an intriguing accent in this Edwardian antique brooch. Set in platinum, the eyelet edging and spring-curled spirals of this filigree pin soften its rectangular angularity. . Thirty full cut and one rose cut diamond totaling 0.27 carats lend nonstop shimmer to Edwardian jewelry p ieces like this one. Tushnett and Strauss trademark. Circa 1900.



Antique Victorian Onyx Mourning Pin with Pearls

Cattails bursting with fluffy down give Victorian antique bar pin brooches a pastoral flavor. The base of this antique pin is fabricated of cylindrical black onyx that contrasts the 14k yellow gold and pearl fronds overlaying it. Forty-four cream and silver white half seed pearls lend a lustrous will-o-the-wisp effect to this Victorian jewelry piece. Circa 1880.



Edwardian Guilloche Enamel Antique Pins

These Edwardian guilloche enamel antique pins hypnotically transfuse light, lending a rainbow effect to the white-enamel-trimmed pink guilloche enamel. Each pin in this pair of Edwardian antique pins is rimmed in 14k yellow gold and is highlighted with rounded edges and spaded endpoints. Of probable French origin, this Edwardian guilloche enamel pin set can be worn as a matching pair or separated for greater versatility. This Edwardian jewelry piece is Circa 1910.



Victorian Antique Bar Pin with Colorful Enameling

This Victorian antique bar pins combination of French blue, dark blue, forest green, spring green, orange and pink enameling colorfully mesmerizes the eye. The central pinwheel design of this bar pin is accented with a diamond that weighs approximately 0.09 carats. This 14k gold base of this Victorian jewelry piece is softly etched for textural appeal. Sprinkled with enamel flowers, this brooch bursts with romantic color. Circa 1880s.



Vintage Style Aquamarine Dangle Earrings

Splashes of icy shimmer trickle down the platinum links of this pair of aquamarine and diamond dangle earrings. Sixteen round brilliant cut diamonds add a total diamond weight of approximately 1.75 carats to this aquamarine earring pair. At the base, two drop shaped briolette cut aquamarines add a soft splash of color. These aquamarine gemstones total approximately 5.0 carats. These earrings are vintage style (New).



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