Brandi Tobias Dance Accents Grace, Beauty and Romance

November 29, 2016

We were extremely fortunate when West Coast Swing Champion Brandi Tobias agreed to be part of our video, "A Vintage Rendezvous." Vintage car photographer Royce Rumsey, who directed the video, was excited to have Brandi as part of the production because her timeless beauty and charm were perfect for the vintage mood we wanted.

As we were completing the filming, we asked Brandi if she would indulge us with a few dance steps in front of the 1958 Porsche Speedster, also featured in the video. The setting sun provided the perfect romantic lighting as Brandi demonstrated the poise, grace and fluid movements that have made her one of the most respected professional dancers in the world today.

The video team included Royce Rumsey, Eric Mooneyham, Jon C. Haverstick, Brandi Tobias, Original Rare, and Andreas B.

Brandi Tobias Comments on Dance, Dancewear and Vintage Jewelry

We had an opportunity to sit down with Brandi Tobias and talk about her love of West Coast Swing and what it takes to become a Champion. You can read her story on how she found the career she loves and how she is inspiring people to cherish all things vintage, including partner dance and exquisite jewelry from past eras. Read Brandi's story.

Watch "A Vintage Rendezvous"

"A Vintage Rendezvous" is a lifestyle video directed by vintage car photographer Royce Rumsey for Topazery. We created the video to show how vintage cars, fashion and jewelry can enrich the lives of everyone through warm friendships. Watch the video, "A Vintage Rendezvous".

The Story Behind "A Vintage Rendezvous"

Vintage car photographer Royce Rumsey and Jan Walden, founder of Topazery, collaborated on the production of "A Vintage Rendezvous." The goal was to capture essential elements of the vintage lifestyle, all on a sunny afternoon in southern California. Read the behind-the-scenes story.

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