Talent from across Southern California Collaborates on Lifestyle Video

November 07, 2016

BTS A Vintage Rendezvous

The talented cast and crew behind "A Vintage Rendezvous" originated with the video's director, Royce Rumsey, regarded as one of the world's premier vintage car photographers, working with Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and leading private collectors. In addition to providing the creative concept and on-set direction, Rumsey also shot still photography and enlisted the services of video and photography experts, Jon C. Haverstick and Eric Mooneyham.

BTS A Vintage Rendezvous

Jon C. Haverstick, an award-winning photographer and Adobe Community Professional, provided videography and editing for "A Vintage Rendezvous." Jon specializes in corporate and commercial photography, portraiture, product photography and video production. His clients include Mercedes-Benz and his work has appeared in numerous publications, including Forbes magazine, Motor Trend, OC Bride magazine and Where Women Create.

BTS A Vintage Rendezvous

One of Eric Mooneyham's early career assignments of providing brand imagery for Power Rangers led to the creation of systems for the management and distribution of high-resolution digital imagery that has become an industry model. More recently, Eric's innovative spirit led to his selection as a primary resource for Mercedes-Benz and to his creation of a low-altitude aerial photography system for use in no-drone zones. Eric deployed part of that system for dramatic shots in "A Vintage Rendezvous."

BTS A Vintage Rendezvous

As a West Coast Swing Champion, Brandi Tobias was an ideal choice as one of the models for the Topazery video, bringing charm, beauty and an appreciation for vintage lifestyles to the production. Brandi has won dance competitions all around the world and is recognized internationally for her leadership in West Coast Swing, including coaching, teaching and choreography.

Joining Brandi in the video is Justine Wheeler, a Southern California native and emerging fashion model. A sociology graduate from Arizona State, Justine is a student of fashion and a beach volleyball fan. Her career has included assignments in sales, marketing and hospitality.

The other star of the cast was a 1958 Porsche 356 Speedster from Original Rare. The Porsche has been painstakingly restored to its original beauty, and was the perfect connection to the past for a vintage rendezvous.

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