Treasures of Sea and Earth: A Return to Crystal Cove

December 22, 2016

Vintage Coral Ring

In October 2016, we shared our first visit to Crystal Cove with vintage car photographer Royce Rumsey and model Justine Wheeler, showcasing some outstanding vintage and antique jewelry pieces. Captivated by the rustic allure of this former seaside colony on California's scenic southern coast, we knew we had to return for a second shoot with the sand, sea, and sky.

Vintage Filigree Cross

Covering nearly 4,000 acres and boasting everything from soaring cliffsides to chaparral canyons to sparkling tidepools, Crystal Cove is indeed a national treasure. But for lovers of vintage artistry, the real appeal lies in the well-preserved beachfront, dotted with cottages from the '30s and '40s. Nestled among the driftwood and the dunes, it's easy to imagine you've stepped into a simpler time, communing with nature and its beauty far from the stresses of the modern age. As he did on our first visit, Royce drew inspiration from Crystal Cove for a set of captivating images.

Vintage Cluster Ring

In Crystal Cove, it's easy to find the kind of natural beauty echoed in some of Topazery's most elegant vintage jewelry, from sea-born treasures like coral and pearls to the anemone and sea glass that might inspire the starburst clusters of gems on a cherished ring or necklace. The slanting sun and whispering waves speak with the voice of history, calling us back again and again to appreciate the wonders of the past. How could we do anything but answer, and gladly?

Vintage Pearl Necklace

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