Crystal Cove and Royce Rumsey Remind Us of Why We Love Vintage

October 13, 2016

Vintage Beach Crystal Cove

Built as a seaside colony on the California coast during the 1930s and 1940s, Crystal Cove remains untouched by the passage of time. When you visit this unique setting with its rustic cottages and unspoiled beach landscape, you can see and feel what it was like to visit the beaches of Southern California in a bygone era.

 Vintage Aquamarine Ring

We paid a visit recently to Crystal Cove, along with vintage car photographer Royce Rumsey and model Justine Wheeler. Royce is regarded as one of the foremost vintage car photographers in the world today, working with Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and many leading private car collectors. He had a vision that Crystal Cove would provide an ideal setting for enjoying vintage jewelry from Topazery, and Justine was thrilled to help us make the setting come alive.

Vintage Bracelet

The result is a montage of beautiful photography that reminds us why we love all things vintage. Just as the cottages at Crystal Cove touch us on a deep emotional level, so does vintage jewelry. Thanks to the stewardship of California in preserving Crystal Cove and to Topazery for meticulously curating vintage jewelry, we can let our imaginations run wild for the passion, the beauty and the charm of eras past.

Vintage Porch Crystal Cove

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Cocktail Ring

Vintage Fans CrystalCove

Justine Wheeler

Vintage Earring

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