How to Stack Vintage Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

You might be lucky enough to score a gorgeous antique wedding set, but if not, rest assured that you can find gorgeous pieces that pair well. You don't need to buy a matching set to stack two or more rings that look fabulous.

Modern rings, vintage style wedding rings, and antique rings can all be worn together. You'll just need to keep a few things in mind to make it work.

Picking Partners

You've found that special person to spend the rest of your life with. Now you just need to find the perfect engagement and wedding rings to pair. If you've already got an engagement ring or a family ring you wish to stack with a vintage style wedding ring, you'll want to consider colors, styles, and metals. Vintage style ring stacks are all about mixing it up, versus the matchy-matchy look of modern bridal sets.

Look for rings that complement each other, rather than perfectly matching. For example, a rose gold wedding band stacked with a pink diamond engagement ring, or a cool blue aquamarine engagement ring stacked with a platinum, diamond-encrusted wedding band on either side.

Arranging Your Rings

Typically, a bride moves her engagement ring to her right ring finger before walking down the aisle. She moves it back after her wedding band is on her left ring finger, or after the wedding ceremony. When wearing both rings, slip your wedding band on first, then your engagement ring.

But rules like that are made to be broken, especially when stacking more than just two rings. Vintage style wedding rings beg to be mixed in with other unique rings.

There's no rule saying you can't change up the stacking order of your rings whenever you feel like it, either. Placing your engagement ring on first, anchored in place by two bands can make a heavy or tall ring feel more secure on your hand.

To Solder or Not To Solder

If you prefer wearing your stack one way, and one way only, you may want to permanently fix them together. Soldered rings do not slip around your finger independently, so they won't rub against each other, which helps avoid damage to the metal. Your skin won't get pinched between slipping rings, either. The rings will stay in line on your finger, so you'll only ever need to adjust the one soldered piece.

On the other hand, if you solder your rings, you lose the option to wear only your wedding band if you want to avoid snagging or damaging your engagement ring during certain activities. If you want to pass on your rings one day, their future owner may need to separate them, which can also damage the rings if the work is not done by a reputable jeweler.

Should you decide that soldering is the right choice for you, be sure to choose a Master Jeweler to do the work. Soldering is a delicate process and your rings are priceless to you.

Have a look at our extensive collection of vintage style wedding rings to create a dazzling stack of your own.

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