Protecting Antique and Vintage Rings

When you purchase brand new, fine jewelry, you may barely think twice before adding some sort of coverage plan to your purchase. However, when you add an antique ring to your collection, you may not realize you have the option of protecting it in the same way. How can you cover your antique ring in the event of loss, theft, or damage?

Protect Your Investment

In addition to specific jewelry insurance policies, jewelry can sometimes be covered under homeowners or renters insurance. However, blanket coverage like that may not be enough to fully replace or repair your precious antique ring. Take some time to find out what coverage you already have, and determine whether it's enough.

Jewelry Insurance

Before you can have your antique or vintage ring insured, you must gather some information.

Proper Care

Insurance is most helpful to you after something bad happens. You can also take a few important steps in preventing problems before they happen. Proper cleaning and storage of your antique rings will go a long way to keeping them intact.

Regular, gentle cleaning helps you notice loose stones or weak settings before you drop a diamond on the beach. Storing antiques in soft cloth, separated from each other limits wear and tear caused by rubbing. Certain gemstones may require special care, as well.

Invest in a stunner from our hand-picked collection of vintage and antique rings, and then make sure you protect your investment.

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