Topazery Featured in Jewelry Making Through History: An Encyclopedia

October 04, 2015

Jewelry Making Through History

"Jewelry Making Through History: An Encyclopedia," a reference book written by Rayner W. Hesse, has given credit to antique jewelry boutique Topazery four times within its pages. Published in 2007, the book is billed by its publisher as containing "approximately 75 entries spanning ancient times to the present [that] describe the people, places, terms, and tools in the history of jewelry."

Specifically, "Jewelry Making Through History: An Encyclopedia" has cited four informational pages on the Topazery website. They are "Antique Diamond Cuts," "Antique Jewelry Periods," "Modern Diamonds" and "Antique Diamonds."

The marketing copy for the book goes on to point out, "More than just pretty pieces, jewelry often has great symbolism and tradition attached to it that is handed down through generations." "Modern Silver Magazine" calls it a "wonderful, well-researched book [that] is an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to learn everything and anything about jewelry from its beginnings through the present time." And the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers says that it "makes for fascinating reading."

"We have always intended for Topazery to be more than just a jewelry shopping experience," explains the antique jewelry boutique's spokesperson. "We put great effort into making it an online destination for everything antique and vintage jewelry related. To that end, visitors to our website will find numerous pages devoted to interesting facts about the gemstones showcased in, the jewelry periods covered by and the cultural connections associated with the jewelry pieces we carry. We're excited that Hesse and his publisher have singled us out for the breadth of jewelry knowledge we provide our clientele."

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