Most Famous Sapphires

If you had to think of one famous sapphire, you'd probably think of Princess Diana's oval blue sapphire engagement ring, now worn by Kate Middleton. However, several other sapphires pre-date that famous sapphire engagement ring, and many are just as stunning, if not more so.

Stuart Sapphire

This massive, oval-shaped gemstone is located on the back of the Imperial State Crown. The crown was designed for King George IV in 1937, and is used in coronation ceremonies. St. Edward's Sapphire, an octagonal, rose-cut stone, is also prominently featured on the crown along with 15 other sapphires.

Star of India

The largest blue star sapphire in the world, the Star of India weighs in at 563 carats, and is 2 billion years old. Star sapphires are created by the existence of rutile in the gemstone, a substance that creates the star-shaped lines. The effect is called asterism.

Hill's Kashmir Pendant

This sapphire was part of a necklace with 18 diamonds and 18 smaller sapphires. The pendant itself is a 22.66 carat Kashmir sapphire. Originally, the necklace was given by railroad builder James J. Hill to his wife Mary in 1886. Later, the stones from the necklace were given to their daughters. The main pendant was given to the Minnesota Historical Society in 2006, and later auctioned off for $3.06 million dollars.

Queen Marie of Romania

Purchased by Queen Marie's husband, King Ferdinand, in 1921, this sapphire pendant was designed by Cartier. She wore the pendant during their 1922 coronation ceremony. It was sold some years later when the royal family fell on hard times, eventually ending up a gift for Queen Frederika of Greece.

Empress Josephine

Just a single carat, this sapphire is set next to a diamond in a "you and me" setting. The ring was an engagement gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to Empress Josephine. Despite the small gemstones, the ring is quite valuable due to its provenance.

The Rockefeller Sapphire

This precious gemstone is an eye-catching rectangular cut. It's 62.02 carats, and currently resides in a platinum setting with diamonds on either side. In 1932, John D. Rockefeller purchased the stone and had it put into a brooch for his first wife. It was later redesigned by his second wife, then sold in 1971. It is currently held by a private collector.

Blue Giant of the Orient

The largest faceted sapphire in the world, the Blue Giant of the Orient is a whopping 486.52 carats. It was so impressively large that the local paper reported when it was uncovered in a Sri Lankan mine. It is set in a platinum brooch, surrounded by diamonds.

Logan Blue Sapphire

Also a Sri Lankan sapphire mounted in a brooch with diamonds, the Logan is just a bit smaller than the Blue Giant. It weighs 422.99 carats. It's named after Mrs. John Logan, a Washington D.C. socialite who donated it to the Smithsonian Institution in 1960.

Mona von Bismarck

Created in 1927, this Cartier piece features a 98.6 carat Sri Lankan blue sapphire. In 1959, prominent socialite Mona von Bismarck changed the setting to its current look. She also donated the piece to the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History in 1967, where it is currently on display.

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