How to Plan a Memorable Proposal

You only get to propose once. There are no do-overs. And while the ring is a big part of the perfect proposal, it's not the only consideration. Whether you choose a brand-new stunner, or go with an antique style engagement ring, make sure your proposal is just as impressive to create a memory you and your significant other will cherish forever.

Choose the Right Venue

The romantic comedy proposal always seems to be something extravagant or outlandish. The proposer hides the engagement ring in a restaurant dessert, or turns an intimate moment into a Jumbotron spectacle in front of 10,000 of their closest friends.

Proposals in restaurants and stadiums may be the way to go if your loved on is an extrovert, and enjoys sharing moments like this in public, with lots of people around. But if you're proposing to an introvert, staging something in public may make them very uncomfortable, and prevent them from enjoying what should be a wonderful moment. Consider your love's personality before you choose the venue to make sure it will be an appropriate place.

Decide Whether to Share the Moment with Others

Similar to choosing a public or private venue, another choice to make is whether to share the moment with family and friends. Maybe you've been together for a while now, and you're both close to each other's families. It may make sense for you to have them there to share in a moment that's going to make both your families happy.

And while it's nice when you both get along with each other's friends, it doesn't always work out that way, unfortunately. Maybe her childhood friend just never warmed up to you, or his buddy from college thinks you're not the right one. Their feelings shouldn't influence your decision to marry the person you love, but they may not be the best people to have around when you propose so you can make sure the event is a positive, enjoyable one for the most important people involved--you and your soon-to-be spouse!

Make it Special with Details

Certain details can make your proposal even more special than it already is. Some of the first things that may come to mind are proposing at the location where you had your first date, or at the spot where you had your first kiss. But the attention to detail doesn't have to end there.

For example, how long have you been dating? Give her one rose for each month you've been together. If you're a longtime couple, that may become a bit unwieldy, so maybe one rose per year will be enough for a small bouquet. Even if it's only a few years, if it's arranged properly, it can be just as beautiful as a bouquet of two dozen.

Go Off the Grid

In this day and age when nearly everyone is practically physically attached to their mobile phones, you'll need to take a couple of precautions to make sure your special moment isn't interrupted.

At the very least, mute your phone. Better yet, turn it completely off until after the proposal when you start calling everyone to tell them the wonderful news. Do your best to get hold of your significant other's phone, and mute it as well. Or be direct about it--tell your love you want a few moments of uninterrupted peace with them, with no phones buzzing or ringing to spoil it.

Select a gorgeous antique-style engagement ring from our exclusive collection, and make your proposal a cherished memory.

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