Colored Diamonds

Does this sound like you? "My engagement ring absolutely must have a diamond. Anything else just won't make me feel like I'm really engaged. But I just can't help feeling my heart skip a beat every time I see a ring with a gemstone in my favorite color."

Guess what? You don't have to choose between a diamond and a colored gemstone. Diamonds colors run the gamut from crystal clear to mysterious black. They come in nearly every color of the rainbow, too, such as sunny yellow, deep blue, fiery red, and romantic pink. And if you prefer a more subtle look, you can always opt for a champagne diamond ring, so named because it's reminiscent of the bubbly beverage.

Colored Diamond Meanings

Not sure which colored diamond to choose? Each has its own meaning and symbolism. Which one speaks to you?

If you have a signature color that defines you, if you like to be a little different, if you relate to old Hollywood glamour, or if you want your engagement ring's diamond to actually signify something special, a colored diamond engagement ring just might be exactly what you're looking for.

Shop our champagne diamond rings, and select a spectacularly colored diamond to add to your collection.

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