Vintage Jewelry for Mother's Day

May 07, 2015

For Mothers Day

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), this Mother's Day shoppers will spend an average of $102.91 on jewelry. What's more, in its recent rundown of the Top Jewelry Trends For Mother's Day, News 2 cited Jewelers of America, saying that "Americans buy more jewelry for Mother's Day than they do Valentine's Day and Christmas."

So what specific jewelry pieces will sons and daughters be buying for the special woman in their lives this Mother's Day? The news channel singled out customized jewelry as a major trend for the holiday. In particular, New 2 pointed out, "Nothing pulls on the heartstrings more than a ... sentimental piece of jewelry. Personalization is perfect for Mother's Day as it shows you put added thought and care into the gift. Look for updated birthstone styles such as bars (and) pendants."

Vintage jewelry boutique Topazery adds, "Vintage jewelry often encompasses one of a kind pieces. As a result, it allows gift givers to really pick out something that reflects Mom's unique style and personality." Topazery translates this trend into its own Top 3 list of vintage jewelry pieces for Mother's Day.

Vintage Pearl Stick Pin


The birthstone of June, the pearl enjoys a reputation for being both classy and sophisticated. If your mother has that air of put-together elegance about her that Audrey Hepburn did, then this vintage circular pearl pin from the 1930s is sure to light up her Mother's Day.


Vintage Style Cross Necklace

Sometimes it's all about the details. This vintage necklace's cross is made up of dozens of romantic hearts. As a result, it allows adoring sons and daughters to understatedly express their love for Mom. You can't get much more sentimental than that.

Vintage Style Necklace


If your mom is the epitome of Southern charm and hospitality, you can't go wrong with this vintage necklace. The floral Southern gate pattern that is pierced into its sterling silver medallion has a "Gone with the Wind" flavor to it.

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