Vintage Engagement Rings on a Budget

May 01, 2015

Couples pay an average of $4,000 for their engagement rings according to a Jewelers of America report released in 2013. Faced with staggering statistics like that, many engagement ring shoppers might assume that a vintage engagement ring is out of their price range. Topazery proves that notion wrong. This collection of vintage engagement rings features all the hallmarks that make vintage jewelry so appealing yet at a fraction of the cost most couples are spending on new engagement rings. Every one of the vintage rings featured here is under $1,000 and there is only one of each available. If you are searching for a unique engagement ring that expresses your personal style, and if you don't want to pay a small fortune for it, you've come to the right jewelry boutique. Shop all of our rings by price point by clicking HERE.

Vintage Engagement Rings on a Budget

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