The Engagement Ring that Gave Someone Else Joy

April 30, 2015


It should have been an occasion for resentment and maybe even revenge, but when one woman's wedding was recently called off, she did the unexpected. Instead of hurling her engagement ring back in her jilter's face or even selling it and pocketing the proceeds, she decided to give her vintage inspired ring away to a deserving couple.

The woman behind the broken engagement, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said of her decision, "I didn't want it to become another pawn shop ring. For me, it was a symbol of love and happiness." To spread that love and happiness around, she used Facebook to track down a loving couple. Of the dozens of love stories she received in response, one in particular stood out.

Two years ago, shortly after proposing to his girlfriend Laura, Josh Michaels was diagnosed with a rare form of stage IV cancer. The prognosis was grim. "I've been told a few different things you know. 'I wasn't gonna make it, I had two months left,' and I'm still here," he told KRQE-TV." Despite beating all the odds, however, Michaels was left with a staggering amount of medical bills that left the prospect of an engagement ring impossible. That is until the kind benefactor stepped in.

The engagement ring that the no-longer-engaged woman gifted to the pair featured a square cut center diamond with a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding it. The accenting diamonds also spilled down the shoulders of the engagement ring's band. It has a strong hint of vintage flavor to it. "It's just the little things like this that keep you strong, keep you going," Michaels told the TV station.

"At Topazery, we believe every engagement ring should overflow with love and happiness," explains Topazery's spokesperson. "Just because a relationship doesn't work out, the joy that prompted the proposal doesn't go away. Antique and vintage engagement rings especially carry the love and joy of their previous owners." If you'd like to light up with joy the face of someone you love - or of a complete stranger - check out Topazery's cushion cut diamond engagement ring pictured above.

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