Why Own a Vintage Engagement Ring

January 23, 2015

In today's throwaway society, out with the old and in with the new has become the accepted way of life. Surrounded by such a mentality, when the day you have always dreamed of finally arrives it's natural to think, "I want a brand new engagement ring, the latest and greatest money can buy." There are several reasons you might want to re-evaluate that thought and consider a vintage engagement ring instead. To shop Topazery's collection of vintage inspired engagement rings, click HERE.

Even though they have access to the newest and best, with money being no object, many of Hollywood's biggest starlets choose vintage engagement rings over brand spanking new. And there's a reason for that ...

Why Own a Vintage Engagement Ring?

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Why Own a Vintage Engagement Ring (continued)

A starlet's discerning eye and desire to stand out from the crowd lures them to the one of a kind-ness that only a vintage engagement ring can provide. It's not a hard stretch to imagine a new engagement ring easily landing a Hollywood leading lady in the same uncomfortable situation as being caught on the red carpet in the same dress as her competition. No celebrity wants to think about that! In fact, every woman - famous or otherwise - wants her moment in the spotlight, knowing she doesn't have to share it with anyone else. That's exactly what a vintage engagement ring offers.

And then there is the timelessness of vintage engagement rings. Hearkening back to Old World Hollywood, vintage engagement rings have that 'je ne sais quoi' about them that lights up the room ages after they graced their first owner's finger, just like Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Vivien Leigh still light up the big screen. It's something that just cannot be replicated, even though many an actress - and engagement ring - have tried.

Not surprisingly then, jewelry pieces from the past draw millions of dollars at auction, especially when they have a traceable lineage attached to them. That's what a vintage engagement ring gives - a connection to the past, a link to history. In this great big spinning world, it grounds you to who you are and where you came from.

Maybe it's the same ring Grandpa proposed to Grandma with, overflowing with sentimentality. In that case, a vintage engagement ring affords you the unparalleled opportunity to keep the past alive. Or maybe you're not so lucky to have such a vintage engagement ring in your family. No matter. Whether it's one that connects to your own bloodlines or someone else's, one thing remains the same: every vintage engagement ring has a story to tell. What's the story behind your vintage ring?

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