Antique & Vintage Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

Champagne diamonds are beautiful naturally. They range in colors from the light hues of champagne bubbles to the warm, rich tones of cognac. These alluring stones make a statement about your individuality and style. Choose an unusual champagne diamond engagement ring from our Earth Collection and celebrate your love!

Topazery's champagne diamond engagement rings combine our favorite designs with the finest precious metals and stones that cast nature's warmest hues. The subtle and sophisticated colors of champagne diamonds range in intensity from the darker and rarer tones of cognac and milk chocolate to the medium hues of honey and caramel to the lighter tones of candle light and champagne. Learn More »

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Fancy Colored Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring

The path not taken often leads to the most unexpected surprises, and this antique style filigree engagement ring thrills from all directions. The 18k white gold band of this engagement ring is carved in a paisley filigree pattern along the shoulders where it is accented with thirty-four round full cut diamonds. This 0.16-carat collection of diamonds flanks a 1.01 carat fancy colored diamond. This champagne diamond has a fancy orange yellow hue. This is a new filigree engagement ring from the Topazery Earth Collection.



Fancy Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

This champagne diamond engagement ring is from the Topazery Earth Collection. A halo design mounting cradles a fancy champagne diamond in this vintage style ring. The color of the champagne diamond is Fancy yellow Brown. It is encircled by a collection of sixteen round full cut diamonds. The 18k white gold band of this engagement ring is polished to a smooth sheen. This is an vintage style (new) ring from the Topazery Earth Collection.



Diamond Engagement Ring from the Earth Collection

Beautiful filigree and trillion cut diamonds make champagne diamond engagement rings like this one irresistible. Weighing 1.03 carats, a fancy yellow orange champagne diamond in this engagement ring is flanked at the shoulders by a pair of cut corner triangular brilliant (trillion) cut diamonds. These trillion cuts add brilliant scintillation that enhances the champagne stone. Fourteen additional round brilliant cut diamonds cascade down the 18k white gold band. Engagement rings like this one are from the Topazery Earth Collection.



Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

Infinity symbols dance and flirt with diamonds in this filigree and champagne diamond vintage style engagement ring. The ornate 18k white gold band of this ring is lovely with its fancy filigree design and infinity symbols on the sides of the shank. A 0.56 carat champagne diamond shimmers at the top. An additional pair of triangular brilliant cut diamonds accents the shank. These eighteen accenting diamonds total 0.25 carats. This is a (new) vintage style engagement ring. From the Topazery Earth Collection.



Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

The warmth of honey and the glitter of diamond come together in this outstanding champagne diamond engagement ring. In this Topazery Collection engagement ring, a fancy brownish yellow champagne diamond floats above the band in a 6-prong platinum mounting. Thirty-six accenting diamonds add 0.28 carats of diamond weight to this engagement ring. These accenting diamonds are arranged in intriguing geometric settings down the shoulders. This is a new champagne diamond engagement ring from the Topazery Earth Collection.



Timeless Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

The warm glow of candlelight radiates from this timeless ring. The warm glow of candlelight radiates from this timeless ring. The platinum band of this engagement ring is set with a collection of round brilliant cut diamonds that have a combined weight of 0.30 carats. A champagne diamond is prong set at the top and accented by diamonds on the under bezel. A matching wedding band may be purchased separately. This is a new ring.



Floral and Leaf Engagement Ring

Flowers and leaves create a fresh vintage look in this champagne diamond engagement ring. Set in 18k white gold, the band of the engagement ring is fashioned in a floral and leaf diamond-accented design. A 0.72 carat champagne diamond is prong set at the center of this garden inspired medley of glitter and gold. This is a new ring from the Topazery Earth Collection.



Filigree Engagement Ring with Fancy Diamond

A champagne diamond provides the razzle dazzle for this antique style filigree engagement ring. Accentuated with scrolled designs, millgrain trim, and chevron carvings, the 18k white gold filigree band of this engagement ring delights the eye. Nestled in the midst of this filigree is a round brilliant cut champagne diamond. Fancy yellow brown in color, this diamond solitaire weighs 1.03 carats. Rings like this vintage style one are from the Topazery Earth Collection.



Engagement Ring with Floral and Leaf Design

Baguette cut diamonds and a leaf and floral design join forces with a fancy champagne diamond in this chic antique style engagement ring. The flowers and fronds that are carved on the 18k white gold band of this engagement ring give it a garden flavor. The round brilliant cut champagne diamond that centerpieces this ring weighs 0.70 carats. It is flanked by eight channel set straight and tapered baguette cut diamonds at the shoulders. The combined weight of all the diamonds is this engagement ring is 1.05 carats. From the Topazery Earth Collection.



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Their earthy intensity warms both the heart and the spirit. Drawing on romantic and dreamy filigree settings from the vintage and antique eras, we infuse a splash of contemporary flavor into these new antique style engagement rings. From vintage floral and leaf motifs, to dramatic contemporary designs, our rings are delightfully sophisticated and oh so chic.

Does she love autumn leaves and bonfires? Are her favorite shoes a pair of hiking boots? Does her favorite weekend involve sleeping in a tent? Or maybe she loves autumn in the city when the leaves start dancing on the sidewalk and swirling around the park benches? Regardless of her favorite things, if she's an "earth" girl, she'll love Topazery's romantic collection of champagne diamonds.

The Diamond Engagement Ring Rainbow

Does this sound a little like you? "My engagement ring absolutely must have a diamond. Anything else just won't make me feel like I'm really engaged. But ... I just can't help but feel my heart skip a little beat every time I look at a ring with a gemstone in my favorite color."

It's okay. It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. It's also entirely possible to have your diamond and your colored gemstone too! One way to accomplish this is to opt for an engagement ring with a traditional white diamond or diamonds with a sprinkling of colored accenting gems like emerald, rubies or sapphires. Granted, that could get a little pricey.

Fortunately, there is another way to go about the whole diamond versus color conundrum. And that is to choose a colored diamond engagement ring.

What? You didn't know that diamonds came in anything other than white? Well, they do. In fact, diamond engagement rings run the gamut from pale yellow to soft, romantic pink to fancy brown. There are even naturally occurring red and blue diamonds.

What's even more interesting is that each of these diamond colors has its own specific qualities and traits associated with it. Much like rose colors, diamond engagement ring colors have different meanings.

For example, red diamonds, like red roses, represent true love, making them the ultimate romantic gemstone for engagement rings. Similarly, pink roses and pink diamonds connote grace, elegance and sweet romance. With their sunny disposition, yellow diamond (also known as canary diamond) engagement rings signify cheerfulness, caring and calmness.

Blue diamonds are among the most rare and valued diamonds in the world. A record holder for the highest sum paid at auction for any jewel, the famous Hope Diamond is a blue diamond. Weighing in at 45 carats, it sold for $46 million in 2010. Formed deep within the earth over a billion years ago, the blue Hope Diamond is the ultimate in antique engagement ring stones. Thanks to their rarity, blue diamonds are classified as fancy colored diamonds. Red and green diamonds also fall into this diamond classification.

Brown diamonds span the spectrum from champagne all the way through cognac. Because of their earthy tones, brown diamond engagement rings are associated with the harmony of nature and earthy tradition. As a result, they are a good fit for brides-to-be who have an affinity for preserving the world around them.

If you have a signature color that defines you, if you like to be a little bit different, if you relate to old Hollywood glamour and are drawn to antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings and/or if you want your engagement ring's diamond to actually signify something special, a colored diamond engagement ring just might be the right choice for you.

Diamond History and Lore

The diamond is the most traditional gemstone for engagement rings. It's not surprising then that many vintage and antique engagement rings feature diamonds in some way. If you've ever wondered where that tradition originated from, Topazery has uncovered the history, lore, and a few other interesting facts about diamonds.

The First Diamonds

Diamonds go back all the way to the 4th century B.C. First unearthed in India, diamonds traveled along the Silk Road routes from that country to China as an object of trade. Because of their strength and brilliance, diamonds were valued from the day they were first discovered. The light refraction of the stones captivated early discoverers but diamonds were also coveted as cutting and engraving tools. In their earliest days, diamonds were also worn as talismans to ward off evil. Ancient warriors believed the precious gemstone would provide them protection during battle. Do vintage and antique diamond engagement rings provide the same good luck and safeguarding properties to a marriage? Perhaps, but they certainly can't hurt.

All the Colors of the Diamond Rainbow

The Vedic text from ancient India tells the tale of Vela. The demigods ripped this demon god to pieces. Stripping his bones of his flesh, they hurled them across the globe. As the bones splintered into fragments, they created diamonds. In Hinduism the color of the diamond determines its unique characteristic. Therefore, an antique or vintage champagne diamond carries very different properties than a clear diamond. Fancy brown or champagne diamonds are believed to uplift the spirit of the wearer. They are also thought to open the mind of the individual wearing them. As such, a vintage or antique engagement ring with a champagne diamond is a good symbolic choice for weddings where the traditional definition of "marriage" is no longer embraced.

The Origin of the Word "Diamond"

The word diamond comes from the Greek word "adamas." Loosely translated, this word means "unconquerable" or "invincible." This meaning has been extended to give the diamond its reputation as a symbol of enduring love, eternal romance, and undying commitment. Suffused with such connotations, the diamond naturally became a gemstone of choice for engagement rings once they became a part of wedding nuptials.

The Advent of Diamond Engagement Rings

Topazery's collection of antique engagement rings typically dates to the late 1800s and early 1900s, but Archduke Maximilian of Austria was the very first man to propose marriage to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring. That very first proposal dates all the way back to 1477--antique by anyone's definition of the term. At the time, only royals and the very upper crust of society could afford diamonds given the gemstones' rarity.

The use of diamonds in engagement rings, however, wasn't just something that happened out of the clear blue one day. It had a gradual evolution. The Romans were the first to make the connection between diamonds and betrothals. Considered "truth" rings and presented as a symbol of friendship or affection as opposed to a precursor to marriage, diamond rings of this time were worn where? Yep, you guessed it: on the third finger of the left hand. This placement bore tremendous significance. That's because the Romans held firmly to the notion that the vein in that finger extended directly to the heart.

Pope Innocent III can be credited with bringing together the diamond and the engagement ring. His declaration in 1215 that would-be brides and grooms must enter into a waiting period between their betrothal and wedding ceremony prompted the giving of diamond rings as a sign of commitment while waiting out this holding term. Shortly thereafter, it was decreed that all wedding ceremonies must be held in a church, setting the stage for the earliest antique diamond engagement rings to assume the roles they continue to play today.

A Diamond (Engagement Ring) Is Forever

The jewelry company DeBeers began using the advertising campaign slogan "A diamond is forever" in 1947, and engagement rings were never the same again. Up until that point in time, soon-to-be-married women favored colored gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds over diamonds. Today, estimates place the percentage of engagement rings sold with diamonds at 78%, or more than three in four. The year 1947 lies on the cusp of the vintage jewelry era. Therefore, a majority of vintage engagement rings will showcase a diamond of some sort.

Twenty-five centuries since they were first discovered, diamonds continue to hold allure. The waiting period Pope Innocent III mandated all those decades ago is today a period of planning, excitement, and expectation that is often still sealed with a diamond. Vintage and antique diamond engagement rings beautifully meld the ancient with the modern.

Cheers to Champagne Wedding Inspiration!

According to legend, when Dom Perignon perfected the effervescent wine that would go on to be called champagne, he exclaimed, "I'm tasting stars." Although he may have been exalting the beverage's bubbliness, champagne has a lot more going for it than just its texture. All of its many qualities in combination prove fertile ground for brides to draw elegant inspiration for their weddings.

Vintage and antique engagement rings with champagne diamonds and champagne hued bridesmaids' dresses will have your wedding day bubbling over with the light and radiance of the stars.

All the Colors of the Champagne Rainbow

Champagne diamond engagement rings run the spectrum from light champagne all the way through dark cognac. This range of hues allows brides-to-be to tailor their engagement ring color palette to their personality. In their palest shades, champagne diamonds are almost indistinguishable from traditional diamonds. For those women who prefer a bit more drama, medium champagne and dark champagne diamonds provide deep richness to the finger.

Antique and vintage engagement rings often featured champagne diamonds as their focal point. Soon-to-be brides who chose these vintage and antique styles, therefore, can find diamonds in all the old romantic diamond cuts of yesteryear.

Because champagne diamonds all fall into the same color family, regardless of their depth of saturation, light, medium and dark variations of them blend together seamlessly. As a result, women who are extending their champagne diamond engagement ring hue to their wedding's color theme have a lot of flexibility. Perhaps one of the biggest perks is allowing their bridesmaids to pick their own bridesmaids' dress in any champagne shade. Instead of being mixy-matchy, bridesmaids can complement each other while embracing their own individual styles. That means they may very well walk away from the wedding with a dress they'll actually wear again.

Of course brides who prefer their bridesmaids in a single color can still fulfill their wish while continuing to offer their attendants flexibility in their wedding attire. Light champagne colored bridesmaids' dresses in an amalgam of styles are perfect for summer weddings, especially beach and destination weddings. More dramatic, darker-hued champagne bridesmaids' dresses lend a blush of coziness to winter and evening weddings under the pale moonlight.

Accenting Afterglow

Because of their splash of warmth, champagne diamonds glow with a softer illumination than traditional diamonds when set in engagement ring bands with antique and vintage touches. Cushion settings, filigree cutwork and accenting diamonds all enhance the beauty of champagne diamond engagement rings. And contrasting metals like platinum and white gold enhance the warm afterglow of champagne diamonds even more.

For these same reasons, champagne colored bridesmaids' dresses are even more elegant when splashed with glittery and sparkling accents. Sequins, pearlized beading, rhinestones and fabric flowers all add enchantment to champagne bridesmaids' dresses.

Topazery raises a toast and says "Cheers!" in honor of your champagne wedding. We hope these ideas have provided you with inspiration to make your special day bubble over with moments to remember.

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