Antique & Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Antique Style Engagement Rings

Some women adore the old world flavor of period engagement rings but want a new engagement ring that has never been owned or worn by anyone else. If you are looking for a new ring, but love the vintage look, choose a ring from our collection of vintage inspired (also called vintage style) engagement rings. As you shop our carefully chosen selection, you'll find engagement rings in classic and timeless designs with a contemporary twist. Accenting stones include diamonds (in a variety of cuts) as well as other precious gemstones. You'll discover ring designs with filigree, lacey weavings, floral motifs, and romantic engraving. Our vintage inspired rings are based on designs from the late 1800's to the 1970s and there is something for everyone. Learn More »

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Swirling Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring

This vintage inspired ruby engagement ring gives an updated twist to the meaning of "fire and ice". Whimsical swirls thread down the shoulders and milgrain texturing lines the diamond-enhanced loop-de-loops. Fashioned in 18k white gold, this engagement ring is set with a ruby. Round full cut diamonds accent the band for a total diamond weight of 0.44 carats. This is a new vintage inspired engagement ring.



Antique Style Aquamarine Filigree Engagement Ring

The path not taken often leads to the most unexpected surprises, and this antique style aquamarine filigree engagement ring thrills from all directions. The 18k white gold band of this antique style engagement ring is carved in a paisley filigree pattern along the shoulders where it is accented with thirty-four round full cut diamonds. This 0.16-carat collection of diamonds flanks a round faceted mixed cut aquamarine with a greenish blue hue. This is a new aquamarine filigree engagement ring.



Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

Whimsical scrolls and swirls thread down the shoulders of this delightful champagne diamond engagement ring. Made of 18k white gold, this vintage style engagement ring is set with a 0.54 carat champagne diamond. Forty-six accenting diamonds serpentine down the shoulders of the shank. Set in a swirling array, they lend an additional 0.44 carats of diamond weight. This is a new champagne diamond engagement ring from the Topazery Earth Collection.



Sapphire and Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

The romance of a tropical island honeymoon is captured in antique style sapphire engagement rings like this one. A collection of six pear brilliant cut diamonds are petal arranged at the shoulders of the 18k white gold band of this antique style engagement ring. An additional twenty round brilliant cut diamonds highlight them in a chevron array. Set in the middle of all this sparkle is a round blue sapphire. This is a new sapphire engagement ring in the antique style.



Swirling Diamond Engagement Ring

Whimsical scrolls and swirls thread down the shoulders of this unusual diamond engagement ring. Milgrain texturing lines the diamond-enhanced loop-de-loops. Set in 18k white gold, this engagement ring is set with a 0.45 carat GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond. Round full cut diamonds accent the band. This is a new vintage style diamond engagement ring.



Halo Engagement Ring with Tourmaline

Spun like an angelic halo, a mix of diamonds adds angelic shimmer to this vintage inspired engagement ring. A streamer of diamonds flutters up the shoulders of this vintage inspired ring, culminating in a halo around the focal point tourmaline. This centerpiece green gemstone is flanked by a pair of straight baguette cut diamonds. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round full cut and straight baguette cut diamonds; 0.5 carats. Round tourmaline; 0.75 carats.



Edwardian Antique Style Engagement Ring

With an intriquing ambiance, this antique style engagement ring is as romantic as a full moon rising over Paris's Eiffel Tower. Filigree cut work in a leafy scroll pattern accentuates the 18k white gold band of antique style engagement rings like this one. Two round full cut diamonds flank the centerpiece stone. This GIA certified round brilliant cut diamond weighs 0.75 carats. This Edwardian style engagement ring is from the Topazery Dragonfly Collection.



Vintage Style Amethyst Engagement Ring

Diamond-dusted lavender fields come to life in this vintage style engagement ring with amethyst. This vintage style engagement ring brings to mind the French countryside and its fragrant fields of lavender. The round amethyst that is cradled in the center is flanked down the shoulders with a collection of round full cut diamonds. An 18k white gold band provides a shimmery yet understated setting. Details: Vintage Style (New). 18k white gold. Round full cut diamonds; 0.59 carats. Round amethyst; 0.76 carats.



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Want to Be Her Hero? Vintage Style Engagement Rings Are the Way to Go!

Vintage style engagement rings have a lot going for them. They radiate with the old world charm of yesteryear yet are often priced significantly lower than the antique rings and vintage rings they emulate. And, you probably never thought that buying your future wife an engagement ring could arm you with superpowers . . . Which of these superhero qualities do you wish you possessed? A vintage inspired engagement ring might just be the ticket to possessing it!

Faster than a speeding bullet -- When you ask the love of your life to marry you with a vintage style ring, chances are there will be no hesitation. You can bet she'll say yes faster than Clark Kent can transform into Superman.

More powerful than a locomotive -- Okay, so maybe you won't magically transform into a muscle-bound hunk, but you'll feel like you can burst through a mountain when the ring you propose with results in an affirmative response.

Able to leap (or scale) tall buildings in a single bound -- On cloud nine, on top of the world--these cliches will instantly take on new meaning when your engagement ring proposal elicits an immediate yes. That feeling of elevated euphoria is one even Spiderman's wall-scaling capabilities could never hope to reach.

X-ray vision -- Vintage style engagement rings have the uncanny ability to make a woman feel as though the man she's about to marry knows her intimately from the inside out. When you ask for her hand in marriage with the type of ring she's always wanted, you'll be showing her that you see deep into her very soul.

Behold the power -- The Green Lantern might have his Power Ring, but with an engagement ring in the antique style or vintage style so do you. The power of the Green Lantern's ring is limited only by his lack of imagination. When selecting a vintage inspired engagement ring, dare to dream. As the Law of Attraction attests, what you envision comes to you.

Healing -- Maybe not physical wounds, but engagement rings in the antique and vintage style certainly hold the power to make emotional boo-boos heal quickly. Next time you're in the doghouse with your future or now wife, remind her how much you love her by pointing to her ring. One glance may be all it takes for her to forgive you.

Invisibility -- Vintage inspired rings won't make you invisible to the woman you love. Quite the contrary. What they will do is make all other men invisible to her. Once you slip that engagement ring on her finger, she'll have eyes only for you.

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