Art Nouveau 1910 Fairy Brooch, PN-2360

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Art Nouveau 1910 Fairy Brooch Scroll down for pictures and details

Art Nouveau 1910 Fairy Brooch

The plique a jour enameling adds subtle color to this Art Nouveau 1910 fairy brooch. Constructed of 18k yellow gold, this fairy brooch is exquisitely carved with fine detail. The textured wings are set with four round full cut diamonds. Two round faceted mixed cut pink sapphires contrast with the pastel blue of the fairy's flowing gown. A pear-shaped faceted mixed cut pink natural spinel dangles from the fairy's toes. The total gemstone weight of this fairy brooch is 0.60 carats. This is a new brooch in the Art Nouveau style.

Antique Style
Art Nouveau
Item PN-2360
Art Nouveau 1910 Fairy Brooch Art Nouveau 1910 Fairy Brooch Art Nouveau 1910 Fairy Brooch

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Item #pn2360
Metal18 karat yellow gold
Weight in grams12.72
Period or StyleArt Nouveau Reproduction
Special characteristicsPlique a jour enamel
Other notesfrom the Nouveau 1910 Collection
Diamond cut or shaperound full cut
Diamond carat weight0.07
Diamond mm measurements1.5 to 1.7
Diamond colorH
Diamond clarityVVS2 to VS2
Diamond # of stones4
All Diamonds, total ct. wt.0.07
Gemstone nameNatural Spinel
Gemstone cut or shapepear shaped, faceted mixed cut
Gemstone carat weight0.53
Gemstone mm measurements7.02 x 5.36 x 1.53
Gemstone typeType II
Gemstone clarityVS
Gemstone huePink
Gemstone tone2 to 3
Gemstone saturation2-Slightly Grayish
Gemstone # of stones1
Gemstone2 nameNatural Corundum (sapphire)
Gemstone2 cut or shaperound, faceted mixed cut
Gemstone2 carat weight0.07
Gemstone2 mm measurements1.7 to 2.0
Gemstone2 typeType II
Gemstone2 clarityVVS
Gemstone2 huepurlpish pink to pink
Gemstone2 tone3-Light
Gemstone2 saturation2-Slightly Grayish
Gemstone2 # of stones2
All Gemstones, total ct. wt.0.6
Length60.2 mm [2.35 in]
Width of widest point30.0 mm [1.17 in]

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