Rose Cut Diamond Rings

Jewelry admirers started their love affair with rose cut diamonds when the cut was first introduced in the 1400s. Today, those who prefer the fire and brilliance of today’s modern brilliant cut diamond feel a rose cut is glassy, almost lifeless. But to those modern day jewelry lovers who appreciate these romantic stones, their beauty is remarkable. The large facets soften light and allow the beholder to appreciate the stone as a sculptured object of art.

Rose cut diamond ring
Yellow gold and rose cut diamonds create a dazzling display in this Victorian rose cut diamond ring. Circa 1850

Modern rose cut diamond ring
A 0.50 carat modern rose cut is surrounded by brown and yellow round brilliant cut diamonds in this contemporary rose cut diamond ring.

Rose cut diamond ring
An oval rose cut diamond shines softly from a shimmering bed of mixed rose cut diamonds. Circa 1850.

Rose cut diamond ring
This enchanting antique Victorian ring perches on the finger like a sunflower reaching for the sun. Circa 1850.

Modern Rose cut diamond ring
An elegant mounting holds 9 bead-set rose cut diamonds in this modern Edwardian-style rose cut diamond ring.

Rose cut diamond ring
Five rose cut diamonds meander their way across the top of this Victorian ring. Swirling curlicues add visual interest to the ring’s bezel. Circa 1890.

Rose cut diamond ring with peridot
In this Victorian ring, a cushion cut peridot is surrounded by a halo of rose cut diamonds set in silver. Circa 1890.

Rose cut diamond ring
The rose cut diamonds in this antique Georgian ring shine softly like the early evening light of winter. Circa 1800.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring
Ten rose cut diamonds surround a larger rose cut in a flower-petal design. The discolored metal behind the diamonds makes the stones look much darker than they are. Circa 1850

Rose cut diamond ring
One large center rose cut diamond is surrounded by twelve accenting diamonds set in a swirling design. Circa 1930s

Rose cut diamond and ruby ring
Rose cut diamonds create a triangle of light for a diamond shaped ruby in this classic Victorian ring. Circa 1900

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