Antique Jewelry

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Antique and vintage jewelry touches our hearts and souls with its timeless beauty. There's something magical about jewelry from another era with a story to tell. These jewellery pieces glow with a soft patina that only comes from being worn and loved. Topazery Jewelry in Atlanta, GA offers unique and unusual, traditional and non-traditional rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and crosses from the 1800s to the 1970s. We also offer a special selection of antique and vintage inspired engagement rings from the Topazery Collection. Whether it's a gift for you or for someone you love, we have one of a kind heirloom vintage jewelry pieces to cherish for a lifetime. We've been selling vintage jewelry online since 2002. We love what we do and we know you'll love our jewelry!

Vintage Engagement Rings

Antique & Vintage Engagement Rings

An engagement ring represents a promise to our love. It symbolizes a belief in living together happily ever after ... a fairy tale come true. Vintage engagement rings are our passion at Topazery! We are always on a treasure hunt to find that very special vintage ring. Our carefully curated collection includes engagement rings set with antique diamonds as well as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines and other gemstones. These one-of-a-kind rings are like a forever rainbow; they are truly art for the finger! We offer designs and styles to suit everyone, from the bold, bright colors and straight lines of Art Deco to the delicate and feminine platinum filigree designs of Edwardian jewelry. From classic to chic, from traditional to eclectic, from simple to sassy -- every antique and vintage engagement ring is one of a kind. To learn more about vintage engagement rings, click here. To learn more about antique engagement rings, click here.

What are Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings?

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Do you love the vintage look but prefer a new engagement ring that has never been worn by anyone else? If your answser is "Yes!", we offer vintage inspired engagement rings from the Topazery Collection. These Topazery Collection rings are also referred to as vintage style engagement rings. Every ring in this collection is either recreated from an original vintage design or based on a vintage design with a contemporary twist. We had so many requests for these well-loved designs that we recreated the rings just for you! To learn more about vintage inspired engagement rings, click here.

Our Vintage Jewelry Story

The Topazery story began in 2001 when we discovered an antique dragonfly brooch in the corner of an old, dusty jewelry box. The beauty of the dragonfly enchanted and inspired us to start an online vintage jewellery boutique. That year, we began searching auctions, estate sales, fairs, and shows in the United States of America (USA) and Europe to bring you extraordinary one of a kind vintage jewelry pieces.

Interested in Selling your Jewelry and Diamonds?

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