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Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry touches our hearts and souls with its timeless beauty. There's something magical about jewelry from another era with a story to tell. Antique jewellery pieces glow with a soft patina that only comes from being worn and loved. Topazery Jewelry in Atlanta, GA offers antique jewelry, estate and vintage jewelry, along with our own Topazery Collection.

You'll find rare antique rings, unusual engagement rings, and one of a kind wedding rings dating from the 1800's. Our collection includes Victorian jewelry, Edwardian jewelry, Art Deco jewelry as well as period pieces from the Art Nouveau, Retro, and Modern eras. In addition to vintage rings, we carry a fine selection of earrings, necklaces, crosses, pins, brooches, pendants, and lockets.

Spotlight Antique and Vintage Jewelry

This month, we're highlighting three antique and vintage jewelry pieces: a vintage ruby ring by Tiffany & Co., an Art Deco bracelet like Daisy might have worn in the Great Gatsby, and a antique engagement ring similar to Olivia Wilde's.

Vintage Ruby Rings Antique Bracelets Antique Engagement Rings

Jewelry "Facets"

As its name implies, Topazery's newest feature, "Facets", focuses on one (or two) alluring aspects of an antique or vintage jewelry piece. On a regular basis we will pick out a jewelry piece that we find especially bewitching and delve a little deeper into the characteristics that make it such a standout. And, when we learn interesting news and lore about noteable jewelry from around the world, we will share this information with you through "Facets". We hope you'll visit "Facets" often to learn interesting and educational tidbits about antique and vintage jewelry!

Great Gatsby Jewelry

The Great Gatsby Making 1920s Jewelry and Accessories All the Rage All Over Again

Can't get enough of The Great Gatsby's Roaring Twenties glitz and glamour? You're in luck. The blockbuster film starring Leonardo DiCaprio is profoundly influencing what's hot in jewelry and fashion.

The 1920s might seem like ancient history, but when it comes to current trends, what was the height of fashion nearly a century ago is suddenly in style all over again. The latest Hollywood incarnation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel The Great Gatsby has turned the fashionable hands of time back to yesteryear. And the clock has stopped smack dab in the era when glitz, glamour and excess reigned supreme. The mania over that movie is good news for jewelry lovers who can't get enough of the Roaring Twenties. Inspired by that cultural fixation, retailers are responding to demand by launching "collections to help consumers to live it up West Egg style," CNBC recently reported. Two such lines, in fact, are a direct result of collaboration with the film's costume designer. As a result, the latest retail offerings from "high-end jewelry designer Tiffany and [menswear brand] Brooks Brothers" are exact Jazz Age replicas of the items the film's actresses and actors are outfitted in.

Indeed, shoppers strolling through today's trendiest boutiques might wonder if they've been taken on a time machine joyride. The prominent showcasing of such items as regatta blazers, loafers and cufflinks raided from Jay Gatsby's closet to Art Deco tasseled pendant necklaces and bejeweled diamond-and-pearl headpieces from Daisy Buchanan's jewelry wardrobe will magically transport them ninety years into the past.

Of course, anyone can own a 1920s-inspired article of clothing or piece of jewelry, but historical purists aren't going to settle for replicas. In interpreting the Roaring Twenties trend, they're going to want to get their hands on the real deal. Antique jewelry boutiques and vintage clothing stores can provide them with the genuine Art Deco items they're craving. Visit our Art Deco Jewelry collection today!

Read More Facets here.

Our Antique Jewelry Story

The Topazery story began in 2001 when a dragonfly antique pin was discovered almost hidden in the corner of a dusty box. We were enchanted by the beauty of the dragonfly, which now adorns our logo, and were inspired to start an online antique jewellery boutique. Since that day we've been searching auctions, estate sales, fairs, and shows in the United States of America (USA) and Europe to bring you extraordinary heirloom pieces. If you're looking for a special gift for yourself or for someone you love, Topazery offers amazing jewelry pieces for every style and taste. From classic to chic, from traditional to eclectic, from feminine to sassy . . . antique and vintage jewelry brings the past to the present.

Choose an antique engagement ring from Topazery

Antique Engagement Rings

You'll love Topazery's spectacular selection of Art Deco Engagement Rings with their bold, bright colors and straight lines. In sharp contrast are the light and airy designs of Edwardian Engagement Rings with delicate filigree and soft colors. Favorite antique engagement rings include antique diamonds like Rose cut, Old Mine, and Old European.

Choose your engagement ring from an spectacular collection of beautiful, unusual, traditional and non-traditional designs with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, and other gemstones. We offer one-of-a-kind original period jewelry as well as antique style jewelry reproductions. Our Aquamarine Engagement Rings and Filigree Engagement Rings are the best on the web!

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