Antique Emerald Ring with Scalloped Design

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Full cut diamonds encircle a trio of emeralds in this antique ring. In this winter ice versus spring verdant duel, the springtime green of the oval and pear-shaped emeralds ultimately wins out. The 14 yellow gold band of this antique ring has a scalloped trimmed top and offers metallic contrast to the emeralds and diamonds. Details: 14k yellow gold. Full cut diamonds; 0.66 carats. Oval and pear emeralds; 0.85 carats. Antique, Circa 1930 or later.

Antique Emerald Ring with Scalloped Design

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Current Ring Size 6.25

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Antique Emerald Ring with Scalloped Design Antique Emerald Ring with Scalloped Design Antique Emerald Ring with Scalloped Design Antique Emerald Ring with Scalloped Design

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Item #rg3514
Metal14k yellow gold
Circa1930 or after
Weight in grams2.51
Special characteristicsThis hand wrought classic antique ring with oval and pear shaped emeralds, features a scalloped top with an azured back.
OptionsNot available as a setting/mounting.
Diamond cut or shapefull cut
Diamond carat weight0.66
Diamond mm measurements1.4 - 2.2
Diamond colorG to I
Diamond claritySI1 to I2
Diamond # of stones28
All Diamonds, total ct. wt.0.66
Gemstone nameEmerald
Gemstone cut or shapeOval
Gemstone carat weight0.32
Gemstone mm measurements5.3 x 4.3 x 2.57
Gemstone typeType III
Gemstone clarityVS
Gemstone huevery slightly blueish Green
Gemstone tone3-Light
Gemstone saturation2-Slightly Grayish
Gemstone # of stones1
Gemstone2 nameEmerald
Gemstone2 cut or shapePear
Gemstone2 carat weight0.53
Gemstone2 mm measurements5.0 x 4.0 x 2.90; 5.1 x 4.2 x 2.26
Gemstone2 typeType III
Gemstone2 clarityVS and SI2
Gemstone2 hueslightly blueish Green
Gemstone2 tone3 and 4
Gemstone2 saturation2 and 3
Gemstone2 # of stones2
All Gemstones, total ct. wt.0.85
Top of ring length (N-S)10.97 mm [0.43 in]
Top of ring width (E-W)20.23 mm [0.79 in]
Width of shank at shoulders1.77 mm [0.07 in]
Width of shank at base1.62 mm [0.06 in]
Ring height above finger2.99 mm [0.12 in]
Ring Size6.25

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