Art Deco Antique Ring, RG-3037


Art Deco Antique Ring Art Deco Antique Ring Art Deco Antique Ring Art Deco Antique Ring Art Deco Antique Ring Art Deco Antique Ring

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Item #rg3037
Metal18k white gold
Circa1925 to 1930
Weight in grams6.07
Period or StyleArt Deco
Special characteristicsThis Art Deco ring is in the elongated octagonal style with a hand engraved leaf motif. The diamonds are bead set and the sapphires are flush set with milgrain borders.
OptionsNot available as a setting/mounting.
Diamond cut or shapeold European
Diamond carat weight0.39
Diamond mm measurements4.8 x 2.69
Diamond colorL
Diamond claritySI1
Diamond # of stones1
Diamond2 cut or shapeold European
Diamond2 carat weight0.42
Diamond2 mm measurements4.9 x 2.81
Diamond2 colorN
Diamond2 clarityVVS2
Diamond2 # of stones1
All Diamonds, total ct. wt.0.81
Gemstone nameSynthetic Corundum (Sapphire)
Gemstone cut or shaperectangular faceted mixed cut
Gemstone carat weight0.17
Gemstone mm measurements2.5 to 2.6 x 1.1
Gemstone huevery very slightly violet blue to strongly violet blue
Gemstone tone5 to 6
Gemstone saturation4 to 5
Gemstone # of stones6
Gemstone2 nameNatural and Synthetic Corundum (Sapphire)
Gemstone2 cut or shapetriangular faceted mixed cut
Gemstone2 carat weight0.05
Gemstone2 hueblue
Gemstone2 # of stones2
Gemstone3 nameNatural corundum (Blue Sapphire)
Gemstone3 cut or shaperectangular faceted mixed cut
Gemstone3 carat weight0.06
Gemstone3 mm measurements2.6 x 1.1
Gemstone3 typeType II
Gemstone3 clarityVS
Gemstone3 hueBlue and very slightly violetish blue
Gemstone3 tone5 to 6
Gemstone3 saturation4 to 5
Gemstone3 # of stones2
All Gemstones, total ct. wt.0.28
Top of ring length (N-S)15.80 mm [0.62 in]
Top of ring width (E-W)11.71 mm [0.46 in]
Width of shank at shoulders4.36 mm [0.17 in]
Width of shank at base1.91 mm [0.07 in]
Ring height above finger4.20 mm [0.16 in]
Ring Size6.5

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