15-Day-Returns Policy

At Topazery, we want you to be thrilled with your jewelry!

We want you to be absolutely thrilled about your jewelry when you receive it. If you aren't satisifed, we'll cheerfully refund the purchase price of the jewelry according to our returns process. It's that simple.

Our Returns Process

If you have questions about our returns process, email us and we are happy to answer your questions. We want you to understand how to safely package and return your jewelry for a refund.

HOW TO RECEIVE A REFUND: If an item is not otherwise ineligible to be returned, as provided herein, you may return the item and request a refund of your full purchase price of the jewelry item provided you comply with Topazery's written Return Policy. Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment.

TOPAZERY'S RETURN POLICY: To receive a refund, you must follow the procedure outlined below:

  • 1. THE RETURN PERIOD IS 15 DAYS. You have fifteen (15) days from the SHIP date on the original Topazery sales receipt that comes with your purchase to email Topazery and request a refund. To be eligible for a refund, you must email Topazery within the 15-day return period. The return package must also be postmarked and mailed back to Topazery within the 15-day return period.
  • 2. SEND AN EMAIL TO REQUEST A RETURN AUTHORIZATION CODE. Prior to sending your return package, you must request a Return Authorization Code by sending an email to Topazery. Our email address is on our "Contact Us" page. Include the Topazery order number of the jewelry piece in your email. (The order number appears in your receipt.) Within twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours, you will receive a response email from Topazery, containing your Return Authorization Code. If you do not hear from us by the end of the 48-hour period, we did not receive your email. In this situation, call us immediately at (678) 528-8901, during our regular customer service hours (Monday -Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST)) to request a Return Authorization Code. (If you email us during the 15-day return period and follow the above procedures, the 15-day period may be extended to one business day after you receive a Return Authorization Code from Topazery.) Please indicate the Return Authorization Code on the outside of your return package. IF YOU RETURN JEWELRY WITHOUT SENDING AN EMAIL AND WITHOUT SHOWING THIS RETURN AUTHORIZATION CODE ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RETURN PACKAGE, THE JEWELRY WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR RETURN SHIPPING, AND A REFUND WILL NOT BE ISSUED.
  • 3. LEAVE THE JEWELRY TAG ON. Return the jewelry piece in the original gift box and with the special Topazery jewelry tag still attached. The jewelry tag is small, secure, and does not interfere with trying on a ring or other jewelry piece. The jewelry tag never has the price of the jewelry piece (in case the jewelry is a gift). The Topazery jewelry tag must be unaltered and still attached to your jewelry item.
  • 4. INCLUDE A COPY OF YOUR SALES RECEIPT. All returns must be accompanied with a copy of the original sales receipt issued to you by Topazery. Returns shipped without the receipt will require extra time to process and Topazery reserves the right not to accept any return, which does not contain a copy of the original sales receipt.
  • 5. PACKAGE TRACKING AND PURCHASING INSURANCE. While not required, we strongly recommend that you select a shipping method for your returned item that provides a tracking or confirmation of delivery option and that you insure the package for the full value of the item against being lost, damaged or stolen. All return shipping and insurance expenses are your responsibility and return shipping is at your risk. Topazery cannot be responsible for Topazery products lost, damaged or stolen during their return shipment from you to Topazery. MOST SHIPPERS PLACE VALUE LIMITS ON THEIR LIABILITY FOR JEWELRY LOST OR DAMAGED DURING SHIPMENT; FOR YOUR PROTECTIONS YOU SHOULD CONFIRM THAT YOUR RETURN SHIPMENT WILL BE ADEQUATLEY COVERED FOR ITS FULL VALUE.
  • 6. PACKAGE THE JEWELRY SECURELY. Use a strong shipping box with adequate padding in the box to prevent damage to the contents. Double boxing is safest. Do not ship your returned jewelry item in an envelope. Be sure the extra padding is still inside the jewelry gift box; this padding keeps the jewelry secure in the gift box during shipping.
  • 7. RETURN REPORTS AND APPRAISALS. If you received an appraisal and/or a diamond grading report with your purchase, return this documentation along with your jewelry piece. Topazery deducts $150.00 from your purchase price if an appraisal is not returned or is returned and is not in the same condition in which it was received. Topazery deducts $250.00 from your purchase price if a diamond grading report is not returned or is returned and is not in the same condition in which it was received.
  • 8. SHIP YOUR PACKAGE. Ship your return during the permissible return period to the following address: Topazery, 227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite D342, Sandy Springs, GA 30328. Indicate the Return Authorization Code you received from us on the outside of the package. Do not include the word “jewelry”, “ring” or “necklace”, etc., on the package.
  • 9. EMAIL TOPAZERY THE SHIPPING DETAILS. Let us know the package has been shipped. Email us the shipper, along with the tracking number and estimated arrival date so that we may watch for your return. THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR SECURITY REASONS.
  • 10. INTERNATIONAL RETURNS: For international purchases, the returns period begins on the day you or someone signs for the package as per the shipper's delivery documentation. International returns must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation to process a jewelry return through customs and you will be responsible for paying the additional customs, shipment, insurance, export and other fees associated with your return. Such returns are at your risk

REFUNDS: Upon acceptance of a returned jewelry item, Topazery will issue a refund to you within ten (10) business days. Depending on the policies of your financial institution, your credit may not show on your account until the next billing cycle. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period. You must follow each of the steps of Topazery's Return Policy exactly; if you fail to follow each step exactly, your return will not be processed and a refund will not be issued. If you fail to follow each step exactly, Topazery reserves the right to return the jewelry to you and charge you for return shipping.

JEWELRY AND FEES THAT ARE NOT REFUNDABLE: Under no circumstances will Topazery refund shipping, sizing, appraisal or other special fees. Eternity bands for which you request sizing, rings for which you receive a custom sizing quote, and special orders are not returnable; orders for such Items or services may not be cancelled or changed, once they have been placed by you. Jewelry which does not have the special Topazery jewelry tag still attached and unaltered is not returnable. Jewelry that has been worn, damaged after delivery, sized after delivery by someone other than Topazery or altered in any way is not returnable.

RESTOCKING FEES: Topazery expressly reserves the right to charge you a restocking fee for any returned item. Specifically, Topazery charges a 20% restocking fee in the following situation due to high credit card processing fees and other return costs: If you purchase MORE THAN ONE OF THE SAME TYPE OF ITEM, keep an item, and return the other items that do not work for you, Topazery charges a 20% restocking fee on each returned item. For example, if you purchase 3 wedding rings, keep the one you like best, and return the other two rings, Topazery charges a 20% restocking fee on the two returned rings.

IF YOU RECEIVE DAMAGED JEWELRY: If you receive a jewelry piece that has been damaged during shipping, you must notify us within forty-eight (48) hours of your receipt of the damaged item by sending an email to Topazery at the email address indicated in our “Contact Us” page and by certified or registered mail within three (3) days of your receipt of the item so that we may contact our insurance carrier in a timely manner regarding the damage. Include the Topazery item number of the jewelry piece and a description of the damage in your communications. IF YOU FAIL TO NOTIFY US WITHIN THE FOREGOING FORTY-EIGHT HOUR AND THREE-DAY PERIODS, TOPAZERY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGED ITEM AND YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO RETURN THE DAMAGED ITEM. We will give you a full refund of the purchase price and all of Topazery’s fees associated with the Item damaged during shipment if you comply with these notification requirements and follow the requirements of the Return Policy above.

This page explains how to return a jewelry piece for a refund and what to do if you receive a jewelry piece that has been damaged during shipping. To read all of our policies, refer to our Legal page.

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