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Vintage Inspired Wedding Ring

A waterfall of diamonds captivatingly tumbles down the band of this vintage inspired wedding ring. The highly polished 18k white gold band hugs a brilliant matching assortment of diamonds in its architecture. The fifteen full cut diamonds that cascade across the front side of the band radiate enviable sparkle. This diamond wedding ring draws inspiration from the 1940s and 1950s. Details: Vintage Style. New. 18k white gold. Full cut diamonds; 0.53 carats.



Paisley and Filigree Diamond Wedding Band

Paisley filigree swirls and mille grain enhance the design of wedding rings like this one. This 18k white gold filigree and diamond wedding band is elegant worn alone or paired with a filigree engagement ring. Twenty-two round brilliant cut diamonds accentuate the band along the top and shoulders and six additional diamonds add shimmer and sparkle on the sides. The combined weight of all 28 diamonds is 0.20 carats.



Vintage Style Wedding Ring with Infinity Motif

This vintage style filigree wedding ring with infinity motif curves ever so slightly to fit its matching engagement ring. Adorned with 26 round brilliant cut diamonds and beautiful milgraining, this vintage style wedding ring makes an elegant and feminine bridal set when paired with engagement ring style RG-2814.



Floral and Filigree Wedding Ring

Millgrain trimmed butterfly wings flap and flutter, casting mesmerizing iridescence in this floral and filigree wedding ring. The flower petals and leaves that accentuate this wedding ring's 18k white gold band are enhanced with round full cut diamonds. Milgrained curlicues lend additional visual delight. A matching engagement ring is available for separate purchase. Details: 18k white gold. Round full cut diamonds; 0.13 carats. Antique style (New).



Vintage Style Wedding Ring

A babbling brook of diamonds wends its way halfway around the band of this vintage style wedding ring. Vintage style wedding rings like this one are perfect to wear alone or to pair with an engagement ring. The design is understatedly elegant with just the right amount of sparkle. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.27 carats.



Vintage Style Wedding Ring with Sapphires

A streamer of blue sapphires and diamonds unfurls across the band of this vintage style wedding ring. Brighter than the bluest summer sky, the sapphires that skip across the band of this vintage style wedding ring create a colorful pathway. They are trimmed both top and bottom with diamond edging. The band has a fancy, elegant touch where the gemstones reach their endpoints. There, a swirling figure eight is carved into both shoulders. Details: Vintage style. New. 18k white gold. Round brilliant cut diamonds; 0.93 carats. Square blue sapphires; 0.68 carats.



Matching Wedding Band for RG2955

An 18k white gold vintage style wedding ring curves to fit the bezel of its matching engagement ring, style RG-2955 An engraved pattern of leaves and 48 round full cut diamonds decorate this curved and fitted wedding ring for engagement ring style RG-2955. This is a new vintage style wedding ring.



Vintage Style Wedding Ring with Leaf Motif

Delicate filigree in a leafy scroll pattern is accented by mille grain on this vintage style wedding ring. This vintage style wedding ring in 18k white gold is curved ever-so-slightly to nestle against its matching engagement ring (style RG-3345). From the Topazery Collection. This vintage style wedding ring is new.



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