Antique Trends

When the leading antique and collectibles sites recently performed a year-end assessment to come up with their annual Top Ten list trends, antique jewelry made a prominent showing in 2011. For the antique and collectibles price guide publisher and go-to antique source Kovels, for instance, antique jewelry has placed in the top ten for the past five consecutive years and 2011 continued that trend, coming in as the number 10 most searched for item on the site. The website’s owner indicated that both costume and antique jewelry proved strong sellers. And in a surprising twist, the former is often selling at almost the same price as the latter.

At Topazery, our emphasis is on antique engagement rings highlighted by precious and semi-precious gemstones like diamonds, aquamarines, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, but we also carry antique jewelry with sought-after costume detailing like plique a jour enameling and manmade gemstones.

Over at the antique and collectibles mall,, vintage jewelry and antique diamond jewelry were the hot sellers in 2011. There, antique jewelry performed even better than it did at Kovels, snagging the number five slot on the site’s top-twenty sales list and rising two notches from number seven in 2010.

Topazery’s collection of vintage jewelry pieces runs the gamut from bridal and wedding rings to filigree and diamond engagement rings. We also carry a nice selection of vintage pendants, vintage brooches, vintage necklaces, vintage bracelets and vintage earrings. While the definition of “vintage” is open to debate, defines it this way: “A piece of jewellery is considered to be vintage art, if it has crossed 25 years of presence. A jewellery piece which has overlapped 100 years of age … gains the honour of an antique vintage jewellery piece.”

Our antique diamond offerings are all-encompassing, with diamond engagement rings especially well represented. As you browse the Topazery site, you’ll also find diamond bridal rings, diamond wedding bands, diamond earrings, and diamond pins and brooches. As antique jewelry continues to ride a wave of popularity in the antique and collectibles community, Topazery will continue to bring its fans and collectors the best jewelry pieces the antique world has to offer.

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