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West Coast Swing Champion Brandi Tobias Dances for Topazery

November 29, 2016

Brandi Tobias and Topazery

The perfect end to a perfect day of filming for Topazery was a beautiful dance by West Coast Swing Champion Brandi Tobias. It was completely improvised and shows why Brandi is a revered dance professional all around the world. Read More »

All Star Cast and Crew Behind Vintage Video from Topazery

November 07, 2016

BTS A Vintage Rendezvous

An all-star cast and crew assembled by vintage car photographer Royce Rumsey came together to create “A Vintage Rendezvous,” a lifestyle video from Topazery. “Royce not only provided the creative concept for the video, but he recruited an amazingly talented group of people as cast and crew,” said Jan Walden, founder of Topazery. “It was definitely a dream team.” Read More »

Topazery Produces Lifestyle Video in Southern California

November 04, 2016

Brandi Tobias in a Porsche Speedster

We are excited to launch a new video, “A Vintage Rendezvous,” that captures so much of what Topazery is all about. With the thoughtful direction of vintage car photographer Royce Rumsey, our new video brings together vintage cars, fashion and jewelry all within a beautiful southern California setting. Read More »

A Sunny Afternoon on the California Coast with Royce Rumsey

October 13, 2016

Vintage Aquamarine Ring

On a recent sunny afternoon, we made a trip to historic Crystal Cove on the California coast, along with vintage car photographer Royce Rumsey and model Justine Wheeler. We came away with a deep appreciation for the beauty of Crystal Cove and how this vintage setting is an ideal place for enjoying the inspired magic of vintage jewelry. Read More »

Art Deco Engagement Rings Like Pippa Middleton’s

August 27, 2016

 Art Deco Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Brides-to-be are flocking to Art Deco-inspired engagement rings after seeing Pippa Middleton’s. Discover the exciting vintage jewelry details that are so alluring. Read More »

Arts and Crafts Jewelry Era

December 21, 2015

 Arts and Crafts Pin

The Arts and Crafts jewelry period has a short but important influence on antique jewelry. Want to learn more about its place in jewelry history? Read More »

Old Style Diamond Cuts

December 12, 2015

 Old European Cut Diamond

Buying an antique diamond engagement ring is a rewarding experience and sometimes a confusing one. You may fall in love with a ring's age, history and provenance only to encounter terms associated with it that are unfamiliar to you. A lot has changed over the years. Even the diamonds that were used in jewelry during the antique eras were often different than they are today. Following is a primer of some of the old style diamond cuts you are likely to encounter when shopping for an antique engagement ring. Read More »

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