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One of a Kind Vintage Engagement Rings and Vintage Cars

February 26, 2015

Vintage Engagement Rings and Vintage Cars

Travel with us down memory lane to showcase the craftsmanship and beauty of vintage classics.

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FACET: Antique and Vintage Jewelry Lights Up 2015 Academy Awards

February 23, 2015

Antique Diamond Drop Earrings

If the 2015 Academy Awards ceremony is any indication, antique and vintage jewelry is still a sure-fire way to glam up an outfit. Antique diamond earrings made a particularly strong showing on this year's Oscars runway.

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FACET: Sweetheart Jewelry, Connecting World War I and II Soldiers to Loved Ones Back Home

February 19, 2015

Antique Pins

Ever wonder how World War I and World War II servicemen coped with being sent so far from home? One of the ways they stayed connected to their loved ones back home was with jewelry. The pieces they sent across the Atlantic Ocean earned the moniker "Sweetheart Jewelry."

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Five Reasons Every Woman Should Own a Vintage Engagement Ring

January 23, 2015

Why Every Woman Should Own a Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings portray an image of timelessness, of Hollywood and beauty. Their uniqueness has a story that ties the wearer back to history. Read More »

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